How to Choose an Online Backup Provider

In today's ever-increasing technological world, most, if not all, important documents and financial records are kept on a computer. No longer do you see businesses with rooms full of filing cabinets, seams busting with paper records.

And the same thing goes for personal use. And it isn't just students who use their computer's storage abilities that are in need of computer backup, households around the world keep all their financial information on their computer.

With so much sensitive data on computers across the world, what measures should be taken by the corporate world and the individual to guarantee their documents are safe, secure, and guarded against threat?


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    When searching for the right online backup, here are some things to look for:
    • Amount of space available: Make sure that the company you use will be able to support all the files that you need backed up. You don't want to have to pick and choose which files you should back up and which ones you will leave up to chance.
    • Encryption: Businesses will probably be most interested in this service more than the individual, but make sure it offers what you need to keep your information safe.
    • Automatic Updates: What is the schedule for their updates? Are they automatic? Are they often enough?
    • Ease of Use: You will want a system that is easy to use, for obvious reasons.
    • Technical Support: What kinds of technical support is available? Are they reasonable times? Will it cost extra?
    • Price: Make sure the price is equal with the service. Again, that is why it is important to shop around.
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    Compare and contrast: Before you decide on one company, take into account all the other companies out there. Look for that company that has the best reputation, price, and storage space.


  • Remember that backing up your data is incredibly important. You should protect it from natural disaster, computer crashing, or theft.
  • The great thing about online backup is that it is all saved off-site.
  • Click here for a list of online backup services.
  • Or store your backup online for free yourself: usenet backup (uBackup)

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