How to Choose an MP3 Player to Improve Your English

An MP3 Player is a digital audio player, a device useful for storing, organizing and playing audio files in MP3 format. Most of the MP3 Players are portable.

This kind of player is an essential tool to improve your English, that is why it is indispensable to choose a good one that suits in a better way to your language purposes.

Audio digital players like MP3 players have a high potential for improving the language acquisition, because of its portability and massive storage features.


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    Think on portability. The selected device must be a flash memory-based MP3 player. It's the smallest and lightest and typically allows to store hundreds of audio files. Because it's small and contains no moving parts, it's ideal for carrying while exercising. Generally flash memory-based MP3 players fit in a pocket.
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    Consider buying an MP4 Player instead of an MP3 Player. Some basic models of MP4 players are cheap. Prices of basic MP4 Players can be similar o just a bit higher than prices of MP3 players.
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    Think on compatibility with portable speakers. This is another key factor. Your ears can become tired just after a little while or one or two hours of being exposed to the direct contact with the ear buds. That is why it's important to check before buying whether the output of the chosen MP3 player can be redirected or not to portable speakers.
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    Think on usability. The selected device must be handy. Time is gold. A good model just need to be plugged into the computer in order to get it ready to be used. The ideal model should also be able to get unplugged from your computer just pressing one button, without intervention of the computer's mouse or keyboard. The selected MP3 player must allow doing easily common tasks like these:
    • Interact with your computer
    • Increase/decrease the volume
    • Select a different folder/audio file
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    Consider buying some extra earphones. If the earphones included are not good enough, consider buying some extra ones. These are the must-have features:
    • Portability: Ear buds or earphones are smaller headphones that are placed directly outside of the ear canal, but without fully enveloping it. They are generally inexpensive, portable and convenient.
    • Volume control included. Generally audio files from different sources have different volume levels. It's important that the level volume can be adjusted easily.


  • Don't get distracted by features that you probably won't use, like video, voice record, radio and so on.
  • Take into account that MP3 format is good enough. Some models support formats like WAV but it doesn't matter. You just focus yourself on the MP3 format support.


  • Prolonged exposition to high-volume listening can cause temporary or permanent hearing impairment or deafness. Read about possible damages and volume solutions.

Things You'll Need

  • MP3 player
  • Extra earphones with volume control included
  • Portable speakers

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