How to Choose an Internet Marketing Consultant

If you're hiring an internet marketing consultant, here are some suggestions for choosing a good one.


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    Check the internet consultant's knowledge of white hat techniques. There are several correct ways (popularly called white hat techniques) to promote a website. And that includes social bookmarking, blog commenting, article writing, link building, posting videos etc. that may eventually get you to that coveted position. Ask the internet marketing consulting firm to explain how much of these techniques shall be use to promote your website. An experienced professional generally suggests a healthy combination of all these depending on the product and service provided by you.
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    Check the consultant's familiarity and comfort with using social media. Thanks to social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube etc. promoting a product has assumed a completely new dimension. Make sure that the consultant is well versed with these techniques and offers a plan that includes these as well.
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    Know what you want from the consultant. Finding the right consultant largely depends on your requirement. If you’re looking for general marketing ideas, there are several professionals to help you. But if you’re looking to cater to a niche market, it’s important that the consultant is aware of the internet marketing strategies required for that field.
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    Make measurements of performance clear. What cannot be measured cannot be improved, hence make sure you know of and are comfortable with the report giving procedures followed by the firm. Does the firm follow a proper guideline when making reports? Things to ask include the periodicity of reports, the format of the report, and a backup plan to meet targets that remain not achieved.
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    Be careful about the cost. As earlier said, internet marketing firms are available dime a dozen, but the right consultant will justify his or her price.

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