How to Choose an Email Address

Looking to get a new email address, or changing a current one? The options are endless when thinking of the right email address, but even so, you might get stuck when thinking of one for yourself! Here is how to create the right email address for you.


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    Decide if you want your email address to be your name. If you want it to be your name, just enter it in and your friends/family/coworkers/etc. should have no trouble remembering it. However, if your name is very common (e.g. John Smith), it's very likely that email address has already been taken, and you will have to think of something else or add something distinct onto your name, such as
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    If you don't want your email address to be your name, then you'll need to be creative. Find something you like, such as a favorite sport, hobby, pet, TV show, country, celebrity etc. Now add something else. If you like a certain color, add it onto your email address. Some examples are,, or However try not to choose something that is going to age badly and be embarrassing to you in the future. You don't want to always be changing your email!
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    If you want numbers in your email address, be careful: be sure that they are numbers you will remember, but never use the year you were born or the month and date you were married, or other personal dates that could help a hacker. You could use your favorite number.
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    If the email address you want is taken, change the spelling around a little bit. For example, if you want to have, but it's taken, change it to something such as Another example would be instead of having, use
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    Most importantly, your email should be easy to tell people and have them get it right, be memorable and be future-proof.
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    Perhaps use your favorite animal, pop star, color, letter or numbers. Do something unique, however NEVER use your birth date - this would give a critical piece of info to potential hackers (they already have your name and email address!).


  • Your email lets people know a little bit about you, so make sure that it really reflects who you are!
  • Make sure you love it a lot, because you won't be able to change it later.


  • Make sure your email address is nothing obscene, inflammatory, or otherwise inappropriate. If you're applying for a job, your employer isn't going to take you seriously if you have a very inappropriate or immature email address.

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