How to Choose an Airsoft Retailer

Most every Airsoft player will buy something from an online Airsoft retailer at some point. Some will simply buy what they want at the first website they find. Others will spend hours researching prices and products at multiple sites. Unfortunately for those wise researchers, they will come across blogs and customers of said sites, and most will find mixed reviews. Here are some tips to find the BEST stores with leading service and support.


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    Know what you want. This means less time will be spent asking yourself what it is you desire.
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    Search for your product on Google.
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    Go to each website you find, but you should find the best ones on the first page.
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    Write down prices so you can compare. But be alert! Different websites sell guns, well, differently of course. That JG M4 looks great on airsplat, but then again, the same thing is on airsoftGI but with a red dot sight. Is it the same price for the same thing? THAT'S what you need to look closely at. They should have a list of everything that the package includes. If its just the gun, then it should say gun only (and magazine, charger, etc.).
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    Be careful not to overlook what it includes.
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    Be sure that they have your correct address. Your shipping address is a HUGE part of your online shopping. If you live in Kentucky, you should expect the shipping times and rates to be different from someone who lives in Alaska. Where the store itself is located is a biggie too. A store in Hong Kong is WAY different from a store in California. Most websites give free shipping over $100 or $150, so that's a big help.
    • Shipping and handling is a major fear of those who shop online. Many are worried they will receive broken guns or missing pieces or what not. This isn't always the stores fault. They don't handle your product once its out of their storage facility. Its all up to UPS or whatever to get your order to you intact and on time. So if you get a mashed box, don't complain straight to the website you bought it from. Unless of course you can prove the damage was caused before it shipped. However, it IS up to the seller to get you your product on time so that you will be satisfied with their service.
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    Take complaints with a 'grain of salt'. Blog Mixups - Most everyone has read reviews about certain websites to make sure their services are up to par. In many cases, you will read complaint after complaint, even though most seem true. It is important to remember that whoever wrote that complaint probably doesn't live where you do, and thus may have had a larger chance of a shipping problem or billing problem. Someone who complains about their gun not reaching them in two weeks probably used bad information or there was a freak accident involving their product. Of course, that's not to say it wasn't a problem with the seller too.
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    Know that Different sites offer different services. One might offer a better quality guarantee, or another might offer an equivalent exchange for a broken product you received. One of the best things to do when you find a website is to look for their "About Us" page and search for their guarantees and return policies.
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    Remember that, usually, you pay for what you get. Many unfortunate souls are pulled in by impossibly low prices on some websites, and think it's a steal. (This is just an example) A Snow Wolf M24 on ehobbyasia is only $99, and the same gun on evike is $130. Most anyone's brain processes that great looking deal. That M24 sure is nice, and cheap too! Then comes the shipping. It ain't $99 any more! An Asian retailer usually posts cheaper prices, because their country may actually manufacture that M24. Thus, it looks cheaper then it actually will be. Shipping to the US will cost money, and thus that M24 may end up costing $150 or so to get to you! But if you buy from that store located in the continental U.S., it would not only probably be cheaper, but it would be faster too. Imagine that M24 from Hong Kong to New York! Then imagine that same M24 from California to New York! (not to hate on the Asian retailers, this is just how it is)
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  • Make sure you get what you want! Keep an eye on the package details.

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