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Adjustable beds allow you to elevate your head and/or feet, giving you greater comfort for everything from watching TV to recovering from major surgery. Queen and King sized adjustable beds can be “split”, allowing each side to be elevated independently. Adjustable beds can help people with a variety of physical ailments.

These beds can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $7,000, depending on bed size, mattress quality and features. When purchasing a product of this expense, it's a good idea to make sure you are choosing wisely. helps you make decisions such as this which involve multiple criteria (price, features, reputation, etc.) and multiple candidates (Craftmatic, Leggett & Platt, Flexabed, Electropedic, etc. and the various models within brands). This web site interviews you and applies decision science to your answers to give you unbiased recommendations, listing your bed choices from “Best to Worst”.

Even if you do not use all the features of the website you may still find it very helpful to read over the list of 20+ decision criteria found there. Knowing these criteria can help you to avoid overlooking something important. You can take either a basic or a more advanced approach by following the instructions below.

Method 1
Basic technique

Using is easy. Use this basic technique at first. You can always return and apply optional step as you see fit.

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    Go to [1]. Create an account or sign in if you'd like to be able to save your search.
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    Answer six or so basic questions. These questions are used to narrow down you list of adjustable beds from the thousands available through various vendors down to a more manageable dozen or so. Your answers are interpreted broadly, so don’t worry about being overly specific (i.e., if you select a king sized bed, queen and California king will also be considered). These will include things such as:
    • What bed size are you looking for?
    • How soon do you want your bed?
    • Do you want the massage feature?
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    Review the list of optional criteria. These focus on additional information such as warranty, remote control, financing and other options.
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    Set the importance level of your various criteria by dragging the red sliders left (less important) or right (more important). This is critical to getting the most out of this system.
    • Move it to “Critically Important” if you want that criterion to have maximum impact on the decision outcome.
    • Move it to "Not Important” if you want that criterion to have no impact.
    • Note that importance levels are relative to one another. If you set all of the importance levels equal, then each criterion will be treated equally, regardless of what the setting is.
    • The importance level setting here substantially affects your results; try different settings to see how the list changes.
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    Review the list of adjustable beds that meet your requirements. The best adjustable beds for you will be listed first and the worst one last, based upon your answers. Beds which best meet your desires are noted with a green bar.

Method 2
Advanced techniques

  • Include More Criteria – On the List View page, you will notice a column of criteria on each side of the center list of adjustable beds. The left column shows the criteria currently being considered in the decision process, while those in the right column are NOT currently being used.

    • To begin to consider criteria not being used, simply click on the criterion name to reveal an importance bar. Set the level of importance to something other than zero and click “Save”. Notice the criterion has moved from the “Not currently being considered” list on the right to the “Criterion being considered” list on the left side of the decision list page.
    • The list of adjustable beds has been re-sorted and re-calculated to reflect your changes to the decision criteria. Repeat this step for any criteria you want included in your decision-making.
  • Add Additional Adjustable Beds to Consider – A common mistake of decision makers is not including all possible options in their consideration. You may wish to consider an adjustable bed which is not on your original list. Simply click on the “Adjustable Beds” tab and then the “Add Adjustable Beds” button. Fill in the form for the new bed and click “Save”. You will see that the new bed is now on your list and is being evaluated just like all the others.
  • View a Side by Side Comparison – You can see a helpful side by side comparison between multiple adjustable beds. You can select “Compare the first three” or you can compare selected adjustable beds by clicking the box to the left on the adjustable beds name and click “Compare 2-4 models”. This will reveal a criterion by criterion comparison for selected adjustable beds.


  • If you are just browsing or not from the U.S. or Canada, you can still use this tool to research adjustable beds. Just enter a U.S. or Canadian postal code.
  • Be sure you have set an importance level to any criteria you want included in the decision-making. Criteria with a zero importance level will not be considered in the decision process.
  • Be sure you register so you won't lose your work. Without registration, your work will not be saved beyond the current browser session. Registering will save your work as a password-protected personalized decision available for future use to refine your decision-making. Registration is free.

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