How to Choose a Wireless Doorbell

Wireless doorbells have been used in homes since the 1990s. They are replacing wired doorbells, which are built into the electrical system of a home. A wireless doorbell can be placed anywhere, and they are affordable and easy to install. Radio waves connect the transmitter to the bell, so physical wiring and electrical work is unnecessary. There are many different types of wireless doorbells on the market, and they come in different sizes, ranges and sounds. Choose a wireless doorbell that fits the size of your home, as well as your sound preferences and decorative tastes.


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    Shop for wireless doorbells in hardware stores, department stores or online. You can find them through major retailers such as Home Depot, or through specializes stores online.
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    Set a budget. Most wireless doorbells range from $12 to $65, depending on the size, range and decorative elements of your chosen doorbell.
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    Think about the size of your home when choosing a wireless doorbell. The average wireless doorbell can be heard within 150 feet (45.72 meters) of the bell.
    • Choose a doorbell that comes with multiple ring units if you have a large home, or a portable unit if you want to move it around frequently based on which part of the house you occupy.
    • Purchase sound extenders that are compatible with the wireless doorbell you choose. These are units that can be installed in attics, basements or other distant parts of the property where you might not otherwise hear your doorbell.
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    Note the battery requirements. Some wireless doorbells are powered by uncommon batteries such as 3V or 6V batteries. Make sure you have access to the type of batteries the doorbell requires before you buy it.
    • Select a wireless doorbell that comes with a rechargeable battery for greater efficiency.
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    Look for a doorbell that is easy to install. Most wireless doorbells can be set up using double sided tape, or will screw simply into a wall.
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    Select a wireless doorbell with a sound you like. You will hear this noise every time someone rings the bell, so make sure it is something you find pleasing and attention grabbing.
    • Choose a basic sound, such as a buzzing, ringing or chiming.
    • Look for a doorbell that comes with a variety of sounds. Some wireless doorbells allow you to change the sound as frequently as you like. You can even select holiday music or easily recognizable sounds such as the sequence played by the bells of Westminster Abbey.
    • Customize your sound, if you prefer. You can upload sounds and songs to your doorbell using your computer, mobile phone or other digital music device.
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    Buy a wireless doorbell with frequency blocking. You do not want your doorbell to ring every time a neighbor uses his garage door opener.
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    Choose a style. Doorbells can also serve as decorative elements and you want the inside and outside parts of your doorbell to look good.
    • Look for a doorbell cover that is finished in metal, porcelain, glass, plastic, bronze or stone. There are many options. The doorbell itself is usually a plastic button.
    • Choose a size and a style that complements the d├ęcor of your home. For example, if you use a lot of granite in and outside of your house, choose a doorbell that is framed in a similar material. Or, if your home is painted white with black shutters, a black doorbell will match.
    • Remember to choose a doorbell that illuminates in the dark. You want your evening guests to be able to see the doorbell when they arrive.
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    Ask about warranty and exchange information before you buy. Warranties and return policies will depend on the brand, manufacturer and retailer where you buy your doorbell.


  • Remember to choose a wireless doorbell that is weatherproof. You do not want to replace your doorbell every time it rains, snows or gets oppressively hot.

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