How to Choose a Virtual Tour Company

If you are selling your home in today's real estate market slump, you may need to do a little extra and consider creating a Virtual Tour of your own home. Selecting the right Virtual Tour provider can result in tons of online visits looking at your home or other property for sale.


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    Start by researching options. There are only a few large Virtual Tour Providers, but they are not all created equal. Choose the best one for your marketing needs. Many Virtual Tour companies only provide services to real Estate Agents and Brokers. If you are working with an agent, ask them if they already have a provider. You will find that many real estate agents either do not use Virtual Tour because of the extra cost out of their pocket and don't see the importance of online marketing in general. You would not be reading this How To if you didn't already know the importance.
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    Choose one or more stand out companies you find and either call them yourself or talk to your real estate agent about them. Remember that your agent works for you and you can make reasonable requests. It is not an unreasonable request to have them make sure you have a virtual tour created of your home.
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    Once the Virtual tour of the property has been completed, you will need to make sure the website address to the tour itself is marketed. You can start with community website and online classified ad websites. Make sure your agent if you have one is also placing the link on the MLS and


  • Do an online web search for Virtual Tours in your community and see what providers have actual online virtual tours (not just their own website) high in the search engine rankings. An example search would be "Virtual Tours in Spokane, WA", "Virtual Tours in Manchester, TN" or "virtual tours in Jackson, MI". If the Virtual Tour provider does not design their product to be search engine friendly, you are defeating the purpose of having a virtual tour at all. Click on the links there are take a mental note of the appearance of the tour, the company name providing the tour (usual as a powered by or designed by link at the bottom of the page) and how high the tour was in the search engine results. If you consistently see a company in your area listed on the first page or near the first page, you might consider them a better option as they obviously have a strong market in your area and work to promote the real estate and not just themselves.


  • Always do additional research to ensure you are working with a reputable company.
  • Do not expect to see your own Virtual Tour in the top of the search engine rankings unless you have submitted the website address to the search engines and have the link to your home's virtual tour placed on several other

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