How to Choose a Video Game

Do you need a new video game for your game console? Here's a way to pick the perfect game for you.


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    Find a game you already own. Go to that distributors website (you can usually find the URL on the back of the box somewhere, but if its not there, just search their name on Google).
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    Navigate to their home page. This should have advertisements for other games. Surf through them until you find a game you like the look of. The games on the company website should be similar to the one you already own and like.
    • Search the name of a game you already have. It may turn out there are sequels for that game.
    • Look up Game-Rankings. This website usually has a variety of reviews, with links to top-rated games. This is always an easy way to find good games.
    • Be adventurous. Follow a random selection of links from the website you are on, until you find a game you've never heard of before.
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    Once you've found a game you like the look of, purchase it from a Game Sales websites, or get them second hand from auction websites.
    • Large chain stores usually have a wide selection of games, and if you're uncomfortable about or unable to purchase online you can browse through their selection, or ask the clerks for games they'd recommend.
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    Read reviews! It's very hard because lots of people have different opinions. For the best results go on websites you trust! Nintendo, for example.
    • If there are lots of bad comments coming up, look for a different game. If there are fair ratings and quite a few good comments coming up, though, go for it!
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    Make sure the game is in good condition! Pre-owned may be cheap, but the game could be ruined or just really badly scratched. If you buy a poor condition game, go to the game store you bought it from, and have it replaced, refunded or fixed.
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    Ask experts for advice. Ask a pro gamer about the best games and where he saw some good prices and brilliant condition games. Also ask employees of gaming stores.
    • Also ask them about special sales and any offers, in conjunction with the purchase of the game you buy.


  • Don't just look at the Game's ranking; read the review. It will tell you things about the game you can't glean from a number.
  • Purchasing from a store has the added advantage of giving you the chance to demo the games before you buy.
  • You don't have to order games online, you can get them at the store.
  • Don't bother with reviews that have less than 3/4 of the full mark (3/5, 7/10, etc). A great site for game reviews is Otherwise these are generally a waste of time. But remember, some of them are opinions, so sometimes being adventurous can mean you encounter a fantastic game you've never known about!


  • Games for different systems don't cost the same. Beware the price.
  • Some Games sites do not offer refunds. If you can, ask around for peer reviews before you buy, so you don't end up with a game you don't want.

Things You'll Need

  • computer
  • money
  • mailbox (for receiving games)

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