How to Choose a Vasectomy Reversal UK Clinic

Over 16% of men in the UK have a vasectomy and at the time, they consider it to be a permanent procedure. However with many relationships breaking down, together with people just changing their minds there is an increasing demand for vasectomy reversal UK surgery.

However, choosing your clinic or surgeon can be like walking though a minefield as there is so much information available. Where do you start? Here are some useful and helpful pointers to guide you.


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    Identify the number of operations the surgeon performs each year, each month and/or each week. You are looking for a surgeon who performs this detailed, specialist surgery on a very regular basis. A few operations a year does not mean that they are a specialist compared to someone who is performing many vasectomy reversals each week. Frequency and experience count.
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    Who is the surgeon? Is he a fully qualified surgeon with surgical qualifications? Is he sited on the General Medical Council's specialist register? If not, then he/she is not a qualified surgeon.
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    Examine the testimonials. A specialist surgeon should have a dedicated website to vasectomy reversals. If there aren't any testimonials, ask yourself why aren't there? There should also an indication of whether the testimonials are up to date and there should be many of them. A good surgeon generates spontaneous testimonials. You are really looking at recommendations when you look at the testimonials so they are extremely valuable information.
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    Determine the cost. The cost is important. When cost is discussed it should be clear about what the price includes. Use this to compare to other clinics. You should find that prices are quite similar for surgeons who perform large numbers of vasectomy reversals.
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    Don't wait too long. The waiting time should not be too long. You do not want to have to wait for an age once you have made the decision to have this procedure.
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    Look for the number of pregnancies. If the testimonials are reporting them, then that is more proof that the surgeon is skilled at performing the vasectomy reversals.
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    Don't expect 100%. The success rate will never be 100% as a significant percentage of men do develop antibodies against their own sperm and it is not possible to identify these individuals. The success rate stipulated by a clinic, whilst important should not be held as a deciding factor, necessarily. What is the most important aspect of choice is "other people's experiences" before you. Do take note of those testimonials.
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    Know what to expect. The surgery can only be performed using a microscope. It might be tempting to go for a cheaper option whereby a microscope is not always used but this would be foolhardy to do so. The surgery involves stitching minute stitches into minute anatomy so it really cannot be done adequately without a microscope.
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    Dont' be blinded by science. The technique that matters is the one that works. This is why testimonials, and feedback from other sources speak volumes for the surgeon concerned. There is no gold standard or superior method: scientific research has found no difference between success rates and method but instead, science totally supports that the surgeon's skill is the key factor to look for.
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    Ask this question of the clinic: how often are both sides rejoined? The answer you are looking for is that they should both be rejoined in one operation. Surgical skills of a qualified surgeon mean that you have a very high chance of both sides being rejoined. If the answer isn't on the website, then ask them.


  • email the clinic and ask them for advice. How do they seem to be to you and how quick are they in responding to you.
  • spend your money wisely, make sure many others before you have done too
  • don't get hung up on the method of vasectomy reversal used by the surgeon. Some websites can "blind you with science". Look at the testimonials. See if others have become pregnant as a consequence of surgery from the surgeon you are considering.
  • you don't need to know what size of suture or stitch the surgeon uses. This should not be a consideration for you, only for the surgeon at the point of surgery. You wouldn't check a chef has used the right knife to cut a fish, or the correct size whisk to whisk an egg. Let the surgeon do the surgery they were trained to do well.


  • Vasectomy reversal surgery is not 100% effective but instead, if the success rate stipulated is around 90-92% then there is a 9 out of 10 chance that you will have successful surgery

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