How to Choose a Teddy Bear

Do you have parents that will not allow you to have a pet? Here's a solution that will please everyone. Choose a Teddy Bear as your very own pet and companion. Caring for a Teddy Bear is easy; grooming is easy, no feeding, no walking, no clean-up.


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    Locate a store or shop that sells toys and stuffed animals. There are stores in the Mall that even allow you to pick your own bear, and stuff it yourself. For example, there is a place in some US cities called Lil Lovables Fluffable Factory where you create tiny teddies and can get them some clothes. And of course there's Build-A-Bear Workshop where you stuff your own stuffed animal and clothes for them.
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    Choose the teddy that you think suits you best. You may want a male bear or a female bear. Select the bear that is just the right size and color for you.
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    Name your bear. Name your bear something that suits its personality as you see it. If your bear is shy and not a talker, you could name him or her "Whisper" or "Tim" as in "Timid". If your bear is loud and outgoing, you could name him or her "Bubbles" or "Burst". You can also name your bear according to its appearance. If he or she is black, you could name him "Midnight", "Shadow", or "Ebony". If he or she is white, you might want to name him or her "Snow White" or "Ivory". You can also name your bear just by a feeling that they fit that name. You can name your bear whatever you want, just be sure to keep its gender in mind! If you are stuck, and your teddy is a boy, you could name it Theodore. Why? Because many people named Theodore have the nickname Teddy. See?
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    You can also use names that are for both male and female teddies, like Alex, or Casey. Or, if your animal is a monkey, you can spell it differently and it's name could be Monkie.
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    Once you find a name for your teddy, it's time to tie a ribbon on it's neck. It's said that the day you tie a ribbon on the teddy bear is your teddy bear's birthday. If you have a build a bear then use the birthday on the birth certificate instead.
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    Take your bear home and write information about your bear on a card or in a small notebook for safekeeping. This information will include the name you chose, the eye color, and the gender. Make sure you add your name as the person who adopted the bear. Also write down your bear's hobbies and interests.
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    Make a small "birth certificate" to keep in the notebook or on the card you have started. If you have a build a bear then use the birth certificate that came with it instead. (Hint: Your bear's birthday is the date you first tied the ribbon on him or her.)
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    Introduce your new bear to all the other stuffed animals or dolls you might have. Introduce your new teddy to your family, too. Set aside a spot in your room, for the bear to sleep or sit when you are away from home.
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    Play with and hug your teddy often. Your teddy will always be there for you, whether you're happy, or sad, or mad, or lonely. Tell all of your secrets to your teddy.
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    Take your teddy shopping with you. You might want to take your teddy to school. (Be sure you get permission first.)
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    Buy or make clothes for your teddy. Treat your teddy with love and caring and your teddy will give it all back to you.


  • Always love your teddy bear. Don't neglect it!
  • Other fun things you can do with your teddy bear:
    • Read to it
    • Tell your bear a story, or sing him or her a song
    • Dance with your teddy
    • Have a tea party together (and invite a friend who has a teddy bear, too!)
    • Have someone take your picture together!
  • You could give your teddy a new ribbon every birthday. It could be like having a different color representing a different age.
  • Write these special activities on you bear's history card or notebook. You'll want to remember your teddy bear always.
  • If your teddy is sick, give him/her some pretend medicine. He/She will love you for it!
  • if your stuffed animal regularly wears a ribbon, on its birthday, just wear a different one!
  • If you have plastic food, it might be fun to pretend you are making meals for your teddy bear
  • Teach your teddy. It will become smarter.
  • Don't spend a ton of money for a teddy bear. After all, it's just a teddy bear!
  • Sometimes, to find the perfect bear you just find it. You don't have to search all over. Sometimes your favorite may be what you never thought you love so much. Like if you love dogs and your favorite stuffie is a seal.


  • Make sure you watch your teddy when you are outdoors, so no one takes him/her away. Do not leave them in a shopping cart alone.
  • When giving your teddy a tea party do make sure you don't spill any tea on him/her.(If the tea is real, tie a bib or napkin on your teddy. If the tea is fake, then don't worry.) Teddy bears don't like too many baths. If you give the teddy too many baths, it may ruin the teddy!
  • Only wash a teddy bear with a napkin, paper towel, or cloth. You may want to just wipe it off, and you may want to add just a dab of water-- you don't want to get your teddy too wet, it will ruin him or her.

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