How to Choose a Style to Decorate

Choosing the interior design for your home is one way to explore your creativity and passions. Planning is an important part of any decorating project. The first step in planning your home interior is to determine the decorating style to use for the rooms in your house. Take the time to explore as many different styles as possible to find the one that fits with your personal taste and the style of your home.


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    Read decorating magazines to find your favorite design styles. Decorating magazines are a rich source of decorating examples. Browse through the photographs of professionally decorated rooms to find the style that best suits your personal taste.
    • Pay particular attention to the colors and textures used in each decorating style. The colors you find the most appealing can help you determine the style that fits your taste. For example, if you find yourself drawn to neutral shades, you may find you prefer a contemporary or modern interior décor.
    • The details of a room décor can help you determine the styles you enjoy the most. For instance, straight clean lines on furnishings point to a modern style, while intricately carved pieces and curved edges point to traditional or Victorian furnishings.
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    Determine the architectural style of the house. That will help you determine the interior design you should choose for the rooms. For example, a Spanish style home can look great with a Mediterranean, Italian or Spanish flavor. If you have a Craftsman style home, Arts and Crafts pieces will complement it perfectly.
    • It isn't necessary to decorate the interior of a home based on the style or architecture of the house, but it is one method that can help you choose an interior décor you like. Feel free to decorate the interior of your home without regard to the architecture. For example, you don't have to live in a cottage to decorate with a country cottage interior style. However, the form of the house may limit the range of choices, e.g. small rooms and low ceilings will challenge plans for a grand ballroom.
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    Choose a color palette. Explore different colors to find the combinations that you feel best suit your home. Use swatches of fabrics and paint samples to help you decide what best complements your rooms.
    • Put samples of paint right on the walls to help you choose a color for the room. Don't be afraid to paint a wide area of the walls with a color. It can be difficult to decide on colors from a small sample card. Live with the color for a little while to determine if it fits with your lifestyle and taste.
    • Compare fabric swatches with paint colors to make sure they complement each other.

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