How to Choose a Spa Resort

How do you choose the perfect spa resort, one that is just right for you?

There are several factors to consider here that will help you make the most out of your spa vacation and add value for your money.


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    Decide your budget before you begin your spa vacation research. There are many ways and many budgets that can fit a spa vacation, though generally speaking this is not going to be low-end. There are inexpensive ways to do anything, but the sheer fact the hotel or resort offers spa treatment services suggests it is a luxury hotel. Be aware of this when you are searching on-line for a spa resort.
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    Determine what kind of spa vacation you wish to go on. A tropical spa resort, such as one on the beach? Or perhaps in the rural mountains more rustic and away from things where they also offer hiking adventures? The possibilities are endless!
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    Think about where you want to go. Now is the time to home in on the exact locale. There is a good chance you have a fabulous spa resort within a 2 hour drive of your home, though the sky is the limit. You can go to as exotic destinations as you can dream. Besides pampering yourself here in the United States you have spa vacations in the Caribbean, Europe, the Greek Islands, Dubai, perhaps Thailand or the Philippines. Want to stay in an ultra high-end luxury spa resort? Try the South Pacific, like Tahiti and Bora Bora.
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    Take who you're traveling with into consideration. If you are seeking rest and relaxation you may want to avoid a "singles resort" known for its party atmosphere. On the same token if you are single you may be disappointed in a place filled with families and little chance of "mingling" with other guests.
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    What is the outcome or the goal of your spa trip? If you are on your honeymoon you might not want to go a place hopping with singles activities. Go to a more romantic spa resort. If you have certain medical needs goals, try the many wellness spa services.
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    Think about which spa treatments you need. If your goal is a certain specialty spa treatment you may need to research certain resorts and be prepared to even travel out of country.
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    To find the best deals, compare the rates of the 3 largest online travel providers, Expedia, Travelocity or Orbitz. Since these 3 travel resources stay in competition you will need to compare their spa room rates for the same dates.


  • Depending on how many days you are at the resort you may need to book your spa treatment before you even arrive. In other words, if you are only going to be there one night and wish an early morning spa treatment, book your spa treatment at the same time you book your room.
  • Book your spa resort early. Many of the better spas stay booked year round, so book your spa vacation way in advance.
  • If traveling with kids make sure the resort also has children's fun activities so they enjoy the family spa vacation as well. Most spa resorts especially the beach spa resorts cater to families with kids.
  • There are too, plenty of spa destinations catering to couples only or adults only. Take advantage of these should you seek the privacy and company of other couples or newlyweds. These are often frequented by those wishing to spend their honeymoon in as romantic a setting as possible, perhaps not suited for children.
  • This is a grand time to recommit to a healthier diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, among other healthy foods. Always follow your physicians advice first. Most resorts offer an assortment of foods to please all tastes. Eating healthy is easy at most spa resorts.
  • If your physician determines you fit for exercise, than most resorts offer these fitness classes, often free of charge. Take advantage - this is the all new you!


  • Be aware that "all inclusive" spa resorts do not actually include spa treatments services. However all the way around they can and often do save on the room, dining and activities.
  • Think twice about locking yourself into prepaid "spa packages" booked months before your spa trip. By the time you get there you may not be in the mood to have a spa treatment exactly when you booked it for, months previously. This is common and unfortunately can end in cancellation or change fees.
  • Don't be fooled by the hotel or resort name. Just because it is called say the "Ocean Spa Hotel" has no bearing at all on whether or not they offer spa services. There are no regulations on "names" of hotels, therefore if at one time the hotel owner thought the word "spa" sounded more upscale then he may have named it with that in it. Ask or check online whether they also have spa treatments.

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