How to Choose a Sound Kit

Finding the right sound kit can be crucial! A good sound kit is the bases for any song. There are hundreds of sound kits out there to choose from but which is the right one for you? On this page we will discuss how to find and choose the right sound kits for your music.


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    Figure out what you want to do.
    • Whether you're a top industry pro or an unnamed Joe in the basement, figuring out what sound you're going for is the key.
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    This is the difference between a seasoned producer and a beginner beat maker. Seasoned pro's know what sounds they will need to create the song they want. A beginner beat maker hasn't yet figured out how to match the tools to the song they want to create.
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    Listen to the type of music you would like to create. Listen to the different instruments used in the songs. Listen to the design and style of the song. This will help you build a map to creating the sound that you want.
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    Write a list of the different types of instruments you hear, or things that really stick out to you.
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    Shop for the sounds!
    • This can be either a fun or frustrating experience and the wrong decisions can be time consuming and costly.
    • When shopping for sounds there are a few things to remember!
      1. Look for a sound kit that will offer you variety!
      2. Get your money's worth! Don't be scammed by kits with 10-16 sounds only.
      3. Look for quality!
      4. If a sound kit claims to have thousands of sounds question the quality of the samples. Always look for example "demo's" of the kit.
      5. Watch out for the top industry producers!
        • Many sound kit retailers will market their low quality products with the names of recognizable producers. This is usually a gimmick used to sell knock off sound kits. 99.9% of the time these kits are low quality and feature sound samples that even the actual producers who's names they glare would be ashamed of. These gimmick kits can be found all over the net and it's a good idea to avoid them like the plague.
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    Look for Original Sound Kits!
    • The best way to find high quality authentic sound kits is to look for sound retailers that create and use customized sounds.
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    Check For Availability!
    • Is the sound retailer that you're looking at only offering down-loadable content? Can you actually purchase psychical products from them? Are their products available at any nationally known retailers?
    • Some authentic sound retailers only have down-loadable content but they can be confused with a lot of "shady" online retailers who only offer their products under the same method.
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    Check and see if the sound collections being offered can be purchased at retail websites. That is a good key that you're getting a quality product.

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