How to Choose a Remote Car Starter

Three Parts:Know Your Car's RequirementsFeatures to Look ForEnsuring that You're Covered

Buying a remote car starter can be an overwhelming experience if you don’t know what you’re looking for. How should you choose a remote car starter? Look for the features that are most important to you. Would you like to be able to start a vehicle that is usually parked across the street? Do you live in an extremely cold climate? Are you interested in a starter system that includes keyless entry? These are all important questions you’ll need to address.

Part 1
Know Your Car's Requirements

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    Read the warranty information on both your vehicle and the remote starter system.
    • Many companies will guarantee the remote starter for as long as you own the vehicle. While the system is under a warranty, the remote itself is rarely warranted for more than a year or two, so find out what the remote replacement cost will be.
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    Check with your current vehicle warranty information. A dealer cannot void a warranty if equipment is added. It is against the law. The dealer can however, void the warrant if the installation of the equipment causes any damage to the vehicle. A professional remote starter company and shop should be used to avoid any damage and void of your warranty.

Part 2
Features to Look For

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    Watch for a transmitter range when you choose a remote car starter.
    • Don’t buy a starter with a shorter range than you need.
    • Consider the trips to the mall, movies and restaurants when choosing a range. You may find you wish you had gone with a larger minimum range for these occasions.
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    Keep an eye out for information about the engine speed sensing mechanism of the remote car starter.
    • The monitor will watch your engine’s RPMs to avoid damaging your vehicle if the engine has problems when starting.
    • The RPM sensor will also tell the starter that the car has actually not started on a very cold day and try to restart it again. Without the sensor, your starter your vehicle will be cold when you get there.
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    Find a remote car starter with a cutoff safety switch under the hood.
    • It’s very important to have a cutoff switch installed under the hood so anytime the hood is open the starter can be manually turned off to avoid injury when working on the vehicle.
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    Consider installing keyless entry with your starter if your vehicle doesn’t have it. If you have manufacturer keyless entry, you may consider adding the remote starter keyless entry feature with your remote starter. The starter usually has a much wider range making it a lot easier to lock or unlock your doors from farther away.
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    Find a remote car starter system that offers a security system as part of the installation process. The security system can even be added to vehicles that already have manufacturer security.
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    Add a few other remote car starter features that may not come standard on every unit.
    • Heated seats are an option that can be put in with the car starter. Not only will your vehicle be warm on a cold winter day, your seat will be nice and comfortable too.
    • Add rear window defrost so your windows are thawed and ready to go without having to wait for the heat of the car to do it or scrape them yourself.
    • Look for anti-grind features that save your engine from a mistaken key turn once in your vehicle. Even if you have your starter for years, the tendency to get in and turn the key is still there. The anti-grind feature will save your starter on those days when you forget your vehicle is on and try to turn the key.
    • The car alarm for finding a vehicle is another easy addition to a car starter unit. The horn will sound with a click of a button so you can find your vehicle in large parking lots.

Part 3
Ensuring that You're Covered

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    Make sure to find a system that is perfect for your needs and has life-time warranty. Several systems now come with a 2 way remote which will have longer range and will actually confirm that your car started on your remote.

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