How to Choose a Perfect Kitten for You

Getting a kitten? Whether you're thinking of buying a pedigree or just a domestic shorthair, there's several important factors to consider when choosing your kitten.


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    Think about what kind of pet you actually want before you take the plunge, because some cats just won't be right for you. If you wanted more of a sleek, graceful kitten that's more for show, then search more for this. But if you wanted an interactive, playful kitten search for them! Also choose if kitty is to be an indoor kitty (safer, but can be more boring for kitty - also enables chance of taking kitty for walks with you!), or an outdoor kitty (more dangerous for kitty; toxins, cars, roads, bad people, pound!, but can be more fun for kitty.), both are good choices, but be sure once settled on one, so as not to regret it in future!
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    Look at the whole litter. This will enable you to determine the characteristics of each kitten.
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    Look for a playful and alert kitten, choose a kitten with clear eyes and a shiny coat. Ask about medical records and vaccinations.
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    Play with the kitten. Make sure that he or she likes you.
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    Look for the cat's reaction. If the cat squirms, and tries to wriggle out of your grasp, let it go and carry on with your search - but be careful not to confuse this with the cat being scared of you, as earlier mentioned! But if the cat stays with you, and seemingly wants to play, then definitely put this cat on the consideration list. Do not go straight with this cat though, as there may be other cats even more suited to you!
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    Take your selected kitten home. Be sure to schedule a checkup at your local vet clinic.


  • Your kitten may not be used to your house, don't worry if it hides. That's normal.
  • Most cats choose you, so wait for a kitten to come to you.
  • If you don't want to spend too much money on a kitten, you should go to your local cat rescue center.
  • If you don't see any kitten that appeals to you or choose you, go somewhere else, this decision can't be rushed.
  • If you want a kitten who (for example) likes to cuddle, ask a store employee or the person you are buying the kitten from "what the kitten likes to do".
  • If you are uncertain of breed of kitten you should buy, research about "which breed fits your needs".


  • Note that if you are adopting a declawed cat or are thinking of declawing them, you should never let such a cat outdoors. Cats need their claws to defend themselves and to hunt in nature.

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