How to Choose a Pavers Contractor

Hiring the right pavers contractor is essential to making sure that your landscape transformation happens on time, on budget, and looks as beautiful as you imagined. Here is how to vet contractors and make sure you hire the right one.


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    Go local. Search for a local pavers contractor that is experienced working in your area, and if possible, your neighborhood. Local companies will understand what the soil is like which prepares them for the excavation portion of the job.
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    Read Reviews. Before you call contractors read the reviews that are published about them online. Angie's List is a great place to start because the community is very active and people will often provide very thorough reviews. You can also look at their Google profile or on Yelp. If they have too many complaints take them off of your short list
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    Find out if pavers manufacturers use pavers made by specific manufacturers. If they do, that manufacturer should have provided them with training on how to install their specific brand. Read their website to see if they are certified by the manufacturers they work with.
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    Check out the Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute. This is a trade organization that focuses on education. Pavers contractors that are ICPI certified have taken courses to make sure they understand industry best practices.[1] The more educated your contractor is, the higher likelihood of them delivering a finished product you will be satisfied with.
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    Get a consultation. Good pavers contractors will offer free consultations. Invite them to visit the project site and give you a comprehensive bid. You can compare the bids with online pricing here.
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    Get familiar with Bid Review. Ask potential contractors to give you a bid that is broken down by excavation, materials, and labor. Make sure they include everything so that you don't get an surprises at the end. This will also help you to compare each contractor in order to identify a good value.
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    Don't hire a pavers contractor without checking their insurance policy and making sure they are bonded.
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    Do not hire an unlicensed contractor.
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    Make sure they carry Workers Compensation insurance. You will have laborers working on site at your home so hiring a contractor without this is not smart.
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    Sign a contract. When you are ready to hire a pavers contractor make them type up a contract that includes the bid and when the pavers project will be completed by. This protects your rights.

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