How to Choose a Luxury Hotel

Booking a luxury hotel is the easy part––it's the finding and choosing prior to the booking that can take hours and even days of investigation. Even when you've found what you think looks like the perfect hotel, how do you know that it's the right one for your needs? Fortunately, it is possible to choose a luxury hotel with the minimum of fuss by knowing what to look out for before proceeding to booking.


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    Ask the right questions. Find the answers to these questions. If you do not like the answers that you get, try a different hotel.
    • 1. Which is the best room in the hotel?
    • 2. What is the finest luxury item in the hotel?
    • 3. Which dish must you not miss when eating at the hotel? Are there reviews of the dish and/or the food?
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    Be certain about what you expect from the hotel. Are you wanting to combine business and pleasure? Are you simply after a great vacation? Or are you only staying there during a business trip? Whatever your need, the hotel needs to be able to meet that specific requirement or you will be better off with a different hotel.
    • Before you book a hotel, check whether both your “pleasure” and ‘’needs” are met. If you are traveling with your wife and children, or family and friends, reflect upon these two things seriously.
    • The things that you must look for include: Indoor pools, children’s menu, professional babysitting, in-room refrigerator and other such services.
    • There are many people who also look for spa, gym and various laundry services too. Are these important to you?
    • On the other hand, if you are traveling alone or for business purposes, then look out for various features such as: Internet access, convenient shuttles, conference rooms or halls for business meetings and e-booking and fax facilities.
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    Choose the hotel according to its location. If you decide to buy a house, then it is important to select and supervise the location. In a similar manner, a hotel’s location is crucial. For instance, if you book hotels in a seaside town, then you will definitely look for seaside hotels, not necessarily one in the center of town. Doing this will let you enjoy a great seaside view, although if you need to get to town, you'll also need to know how to travel there.
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    Be alert to the other things that you must take into consideration. Some of these include:
    • How far are the tourist sites from the hotel?
    • How far is the airport or the nearest railway station?
    • Where the shopping malls are located?
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    Look at the prices with care. Avoid being swayed by the belief that highly priced hotels are the more luxurious ones. This isn't always the case. Moreover, budget prices can sometimes come with nasty additional costs attached that you weren't expecting. To get the price right, consider the following:
    • Check at least three hotels located in the same area. Find ones with little price variation. Simply call the hotels and get quotes. You may find many hotels claiming sky-high prices for their services, while there might be few other hotels that are offering standardized services at a reasonable price.
    • Take transport into consideration. The hotel might be a bargain but the transport into the city or to the tourist sites might be prohibitive.
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    Look for value for money.
    • Does the booking include local taxes, breakfast?
    • What is the check out time?
    • What are the facilities? If you have children, a pool or garden would be beneficial.
    • Are there restaurants or shops such as supermarkets nearby, if you are doing self-catering? Is self-catering supported?
    • Look carefully at what is included; sometimes you will save a few dollars, other times you will pay extra for many other services, so check the pros and cons.
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    Get a sense of the hotel through its website and write-ups. By looking at the feedback, you can get a good idea of what other guests thought about their stay at the place. Are there things that concern you most, such as noise, local nightclub patrons spilling onto the hotel street, cramped rooms, bugs, etc.? Feedback will often bring to light such things and allow you to make an informed decision.
    • The best way to find authentic feedback is the reliable travel websites. These websites have records of almost all the hotels in the corner of the world and can bring forth to you valuable opinion from customers who have stayed in a particular hotel.
    • Learn to differentiate between the right and the wrong feedback. There are many user reviews which are blatantly positive or overtly negative. For instance, a particular user might have only said positive things about the hotel in question. You might sometimes find it best to disregard really glowing and really negative feedback, in case it was put there by the hotel or its competitors; look for the comments in the middle ground. If you're really unsure, ask the local people or your friends, family and acquaintances about the hotels at the location.
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    Check what events might be occurring in the area at the time of your visit. Perhaps there are discounts, or perhaps the prices skyrocket as a result. If your timing coincides and high prices are unavoidable, it might be worth checking what deals are on offer, to try to save money and enjoy the event as well.
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    Consider whether events held at the hotel itself will disturb your stay. Are there any concerts, karaoke competitions or poolside parties being held during your stay? If large groups of noisy people will be there, it could impact your stay in a negative way. On the other hand, if you're attending too, it might be perfect to stay at the same place.
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    Make your booking. After you have followed the above parts, the next step is to find out more about the best room, the luxury items and the best dish in that particular hotel. If you have completed your research on all this and have taken into account the rates and offerings, you can book with assurance. Then pack your bag and leave on a jet plane for your dream destination. Wishing you a wonderful trip and a luxurious stay in the hotel of your choice!


  • Create a budget for your trip. This will influence which accommodation you decide to book.


  • Verify all advertised benefits. If, for example, it mentions that are there are walks in the country and available hiking routes from a particular venue, check before you book that it is in fact true.

  • Be careful of personal views even Trip Advisor. The reviews often use wrong photos or tell untrue tales that do not tell you the whole story but only give the annoyed party's side or perspective. Look for a trend rather than relying on one or two people's cantankerous reaction to a place that failed to completely live up their way too high expectations.

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