How to Choose a Lolita, and Fulfill Being It

There are many different styles of Lolita Fashion; some you will like, others you won't. Find the Lolita style for you and live by it.


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    Examine the different types of Lolita Fashion.
    • Sweet Lolita basically lives up to its name. The style includes light, pastel colours such as baby pink, sky blue and cream. Accessories such as parasols, bows and frills are used to give a 'young sweet girl' image.
    • Classical Lolita is a more mature version of Sweet Lolita. It usually includes more toned-down textures and darker colours, like royal blue and maroon. It is usually worn by older people who no longer find it appropriate to dress in styles like Gothic and Sweet.
    • Erotic Lolita seems to reflect more on the Western gothic styles. These Lolitas are Gothic but tend to wear more revealing clothing like corsets, shorter skirts, and straps rather than the traditional Victorian-style fashion. However, Lolita is still a fashion based upon elegance, cuteness, and modesty, and should never be worn in a "sexy" way.
    • Hime Lolita is based more on Marie Antoinette-inspired fashion, Hime literally means 'Princess'. Followers of the fashion usually wear pastel colours, patterns reminiscent of the French Rococo fabrics, or Sweet Lolita dresses with a heavier Rococo influence. Their hair can be curled or cut into the Hime style hair cut; it can also be quite high and reminiscent of the Marie Antoinette coiffures and dressed with small tiaras or cute alice bows and pearls. Their make-up is done soft and beautifully, much like a real princess. This style of Lolita Fashion is the most feminine and frilly of them all.
    • Punk Lolita is very popular when seeing J-rock performances live. Taken from some elements of British punk, Punk Lolita includes black, red and tartan in their attire, along with various accessories such as studs, chains, pins. This style also describes some of Nana Kitade's heavier outfits.
    • Wa Lolita is a mixture between Lolita and traditional Japanese clothing. Altered kimonos are often worn over petticoats and hair can be styled in a traditional bun, along with traditional make-up and sandals. The original look of Lolita is modified with the older styles.
    • Qi Lolita is a similar style to Wa, except instead of being mixed with traditional Japanese clothes, Chinese clothes are mixed in with the Lolita. Clothing such as Qipao or Cheongsam dresses are worn over the top of the Lolita petticoat. Red is a colour that is popularly used in this style.
    • Kodona or Oji Lolita is the male counterpart of Lolita, though girls are often seen wearing it as well. The outfit usually consists of a London-style top-hat and ruffles. A waistcoat is usually added over the top of a white shirt along with black trousers with thick black platform shoes. Tights or leggings are popular underneath shorts. Even accessories like walking sticks and canes are used. Sometimes pale, dark make-up is used to enhance this mysterious look.
    • Guro Lolita. This is also known as 'Grotesque' or 'Injured Lolita'. The look that is aimed for is that of a broken Victorian doll. Fake blood, eye-patches and bandages give them the injured appearance. Some wearers add an arm sling or fake bruises to enhance the look. Colours are usually kept pale and most commonly, white. The blood and other injuries are the main focus. Hair is often worn in any style from straight to backcombed bunches.
    • Sailor Lolita adapts the look of both Sailor and Lolita. The most popular colours are white and blue and accessories usually include collars, ties, sailor hats and stripes. Blue skirts and white blouses are very common in this style. Hair is normally tied back or is accessorized with a ribbon.
    • Gothic Lolita is by far the most popular style amongst Westerners. Whilst sticking to the darkness of Goth, heavy red lipstick and make-up are not used. Instead, natural looks are preferred. Neither are revealing corsets or skirts. The style reflects on a dark version of a Victorian child and may includes accessories with symbols like black cross necklaces, bats, and coffins, though the style aims more for elegance of the Gothic and Victorian eras rather than Western interpretation of Goth (Death, all black, vampires, Halloween, etc.)
    • Shiro Lolita, or 'White Lolita' is a Lolita style consisting entirely of white and cream shades, giving them a pure, clean look. Whether they be Sweet, Gothic, or any other type of Lolita, if the outfit is entirely white, it is classed as Shiro.
    • Kuro Lolita is the exact opposite of Shiro, the outfit consists of entirely black and Kuro Lolita wearers often pair themselves with Shiro wearers to make a bold contrast. Sometimes you can see Kuro and Shiro Lolitas paired up, with mirror image outfits in their respective colours.
    • Cosplay/Maid Lolita is not considered Lolita: Lolita is a fashion style, and not a costume, and so most Lolitas avoid costume-y clothes (such as immodest dresses and excessive, poor-quality lace), and accessories (like cat/animal ears, legwarmers, etc.)
    • Country Lolita, is a sub-style of Sweet Lolita. It consists of pale pinks and yellows, and patterns such as strawberries and ginghams, but remains with a picnic-style country look. Accessories include anything floral, straw-hats, and tote bags. They give off a summery vibe.
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    Choose a style you like best, but also one which will reflect your personality. Dressing Lolita is one thing, but being Lolita is different. There's no definite personality for every style, just be yourself, be kind, and avoid affectations or fakeness.
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    Study the 18th century lifestyle in England and France, as Lolita is heavily inspired by the Victorian era to get some ideas about the way people lived and dressed in those days.
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    Understand that it is perfectly acceptable to dress in one sub-style one day, and a different one the next. There's nothing wrong with wanting to wear different types of Lolita, nor is there anything wrong with not wanting to wear Lolita 24/7.
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    Mingle with other Lolitas if you can. This will give you some inspiration and guidance on how to act, and you'll also be able to meet new people with similar interests.


  • Never act as someone you're not. Don't change your whole personality based on what you are wearing. Be yourself, but be polite--you want to make a good impression of lolitas on people who don't know the fashion.
  • Don't wear a style that doesn't suit you. One thing may look good on one person, but on another it could look out of place.


  • Wear attire suitable for whatever you're doing and your comfort level.
  • Don't dive head-first into buying clothes that look Lolita without doing research. You could make a few mistakes that could otherwise have been avoided (such as buying cheap lace or a poor petticoat). Make sure to do your research to avoid wasting time and money.

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