How to Choose a Logo Design Firm

Your company's logo can become a significant part of its image. That's why it's important to develop a well-designed logo that can be used in a variety of formats and will be memorable to those who view it. Hiring a logo design firm is often the way to accomplish your creative goals in this area.


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    Find several potential logo design firms to analyze for your company's needs.
    • Seek referrals and recommendations from other business professionals whom you respect.
    • Take some time looking at logos and researching the design firm behind the ones that you like.
    • Browse the Internet for national logo design firms or look to the yellow pages for a local or regional firm.
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    Browse through the potential design firms' portfolio with a critical eye.
    • Don't get bogged down on the quantity of logos included in the portfolio. Instead, look for quality logos -- those logos you think are designed well and may fit with your company's overall style.
    • If possible, go through the portfolio personally with a representative of the design firm so you can get an explanation of why each logo in the portfolio was created for the client.
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    Discuss how communication will progress throughout the project if the design firm is hired.
    • Decide what types of communication would work best for you. Choose a logo design firm that is willing to work with you face-to-face, through phone, email, instant messaging or video.
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    Make sure the potential logo design firm asks you the right questions.
    • Representatives should ask you about your company history, goals, services and products, target audience, and competitors. If the logo design firm doesn't seem interested in your business, they probably won't be invested enough to design a good logo.
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    Discuss your deadline expectations in detail.
    • The time frame may depend on other contracts the logo design firm already has on the books. If you're on a deadline, make sure this expectation is made clear to a potential design firm. However, a good logo generally isn't one that can be produced in just a few days.
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    Ask about the designing process.
    • Ask where inspiration generally comes from and how they will incorporate the information you provide into the logo. Ask how often the logo design firm will seek your input at the various stages of design.
    • Check to see if the potential design firm belongs to any national organizations. Although not essential, membership in one of these groups may signal that the firm is serious about their craft.
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    Ask for references, or get access to client testimony.
    • Many logo design firms have a section of their websites dedicated to references or client testimonials, either through video or text. Spot a fake testimonial by an obvious lack of information including the client's name, company or website.
    • If you get contact information for the design firm's previous clients, prepare a list of questions to ask, including the firm's attention to detail and deadlines, communication and overall satisfaction.
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    Get specifics detailed in the contract.
    • The contract should include price and deadlines, as well as what exactly you'll be receiving as the final product. You'll want to make sure that the finished logo can be reproduced in a variety of formats and sizes and not lose its impact.
    • See if the logo design firm can estimate approximately how many hours of actual design work your logo will require and how many designers will work on the project. With this information, you can get an idea of the value you will be receiving for your money.

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