How to Choose a Log Home Company

Choosing a log home company to supply your dream home can be a daunting task. Here, we will explain the most important factors to consider when choosing a log home manufacturer.


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    Select a company based on building materials. The first step in choosing a log home company would be to decide which species of wood you would like to use for building your new home. There are several common species to use when constructing a log home. The most popular species are Pine, Cedar, and Oak. Within these three species of wood are variations of each specie. For example, within the Cedar specie, you can build a log home from Western Red Cedar, Atlantic White Cedar, or Northern White Cedar. Each of those variations of cedar has their own unique characteristics.
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    Decide if you want to work with a local company or one that is located elsewhere. Most log home companies have dealers and representatives. If you cannot find a local company, look for a log home dealer in your area. Make sure to see how active the dealer is in your area. They may just be a part-time dealer who still works a full-time job. This may make contacting them a little more difficult than a dedicated, full-time dealer. Things to also consider would be the materials included in each companies log home package. Also a consideration would be if they erect the package themselves, provide a list of experienced builders, or offer assistance to those who want to build the home themselves.
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    Compile a list of log home manufacturers in your area along with dealers close by. Narrow your list down to three or four companies.
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    Visit the log home companies for more information. Inquire as to their Open House schedule and tour one of their models. This will tell you a lot about the manufacturer. With each log home company having a different construction method and log profile style, this will give you the opportunity to see their product first-hand and decide if this is the type of log you would like to use for your home.
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    Finalize a log home design. Once you have the design figured out, give a copy to each log home company. They will provide you with a quote based on the materials they include in their log home package. Keep in mind, most log home companies include different components in their package or kit so comparing apples to apples may be challenging. Ask each supplier if they offer custom design and what additional charges are for design work. Are they willing to accept a design from another log home company?
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    Ask your log home companies to give you an estimate for the construction of your log home. This is a crucial step. Due to the fact that most log home companies include different components in the package or kit, obtaining a final, finished price for the home is extremely important. Ask if there are ways to reduce your budget. Don't rely on companies telling you that you can multiply the log home package price by 2 or 3 to obtain the final cost of the home. This is an ineffective way to accurately judge the cost to build a home. Your estimate should be based on the plan you wish to build with each aspect taken into consideration individually like plumbing, heating, electric, etc.
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    Ask your potential log home suppliers for references. Actually speaking with 2 or 3 customers may provide insight to the entire construction project. Ask how the experience was for each reference. Ask if they were satisfied with the quality of materials they received. Ask if support was given from the home office during the process of construction. Ask if they stayed within the budget given to them by the company. That may be the most important question to ask your references.
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    Finalize the details. Once you have received prices, received a quote, met your dealer or representative, seen a home built by each company, you will be able to chose your log home supplier much easier. Pick the company you feel most comfortable with for building your dream log home. For most of us, this will be a once in a lifetime experience with a large financial investment. A little homework in the beginning could save you from headaches in the future.

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