How to Choose a Desk for Kids

Your kid should have his or her own desk at home: a place to do homework, use the computer and other activities. Nevertheless, this should be a little bit different from the working space of an adult: think about size, style, function. As long as you think of the user and the user’s needs, choosing a desk for the little shouldn’t be too difficult an assignment to complete.


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    Consider ergonomics in the first place. However, rules are no different from those you have to apply when choosing a desk for yourself. Everything has to fit kid’s anatomy: consider his distance to the computer, the eyes, wrists position and don’t forget the back and the feet when choosing the right chair.
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    Get the right size. The right size is a very important issue. Kid’s space should be designed considering kid’s size. When dealing with workspace layout for your kid, think that his desk has to adjust his body: he needs easy access (without your help), safety (so you might go for soft, round edges and perfect finishing) and healthy environment. This is first of all for psychological reasons. Kids eventually grow out of this furniture as they grow out of clothes: it doesn’t mean you dress them with grown-up’s clothing in anticipation.
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    Choose a desk style that is age appropriate. Do not ignore children trends, tastes and preoccupations. They sometimes prefer themed spaces that feature popular characters, movies, books, etc. If not sure about these preferences, just ask your kid. Anyway, you have to go for something cheerful and fresh. Furniture can be fun.
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    Check the amount of personal objects that has to fit in the kid’s desk. A kid usually goes for a lot of shelves or drawers, compartments where he or she can store little belongings. It’s also a good idea to allow a locked drawer for the kid’s “secret stuff”: it will be much appreciated as they need private space too.
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    Don't get what your child doesn't need. Distribution of space is function of utility. Your kid doesn’t need a fax: this desk doesn’t have to be an actual office. Also, especially if the kid is very young, you have to explain this is not a space for toys either. Toys fill up the space quickly and the desk may easily become overcrowded and shifts functionality. Kid’s desk has to be within a clear utility.


  • There's furniture that can be adjusted in size (height, length) and is kid friendly.

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