How to Choose a Creative Agency

Are you planning to accelerate your business, strengthen your brand, redesign or relaunch your business or are you looking to broaden your horizons by exploring new territories? Once you set the priorities right, it’s time to take the plunge and choose a creative agency.


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    Look out for a creative agency: If you search on the internet, there are hoards of big and small creative agencies that will take care of all your branding and marketing needs.
    • But the most important question is how to choose from so many different options and what exactly to look for as you visit the websites of any given agency.
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    Get in touch with your business contacts and associations for references. This actually works well, as these people are likely to have the same interest areas as you, so any agency they recommend might be a good fit for you as well.
    • The target audience and reach will determine whether you need a local or nationalized agency; if you are a chain that has multiple stores in almost every city, then a local agency will be of no use and you will need to go for someone who has a wider reach. If you want to rely on your own instincts, then you can probably see the campaigns and clientele of the ad agency and decide for yourself.
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    Call for a proposal: Once you have the final list of around 5-10 agencies that you have shortlisted from different sources, it is time to call them and ask them to send you a proposal. The time taken by the organization to send the proposal, the concept, the thought, words and their interest are enough to give you an insight into their working and help make the right choice.
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    Look for ideas that click. ‘Out of the box’ ideas are what every company looks forward to in the present times. A firm that presents something that they may have done for a client in the past, should be a strict no. Novelty is what sells and that is exactly what you need.
    • Here again, planning comes into play and it is very important that the creative entity you are looking for understands the value of being fresh. The vision of an agency can also help ascertain whether they are a must have or a must not to have for you. There is a famous saying that works well in this context. “Genius is seeing what everyone has seen, and thinking what no one has thought.”
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    Pay them a visit. When it comes to gauging the creativity aspect while choosing the agency, it is imperative that you visit the place of operation. The environment that the creative guys work in also determines the scope of their work and their innovative sense. Go and check out their workplace and you are bound to find what you are looking for.
    • The comfort zone of the creative staff is going to pay off well in the future and if they are in love with your product, just stop searching and sign the deal. They are the ones you need.
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    Come face to face with the creators. Once the proposal stage is cleared, it is time for a one on one. Meeting is an important step and it will be helpful if you have done your homework well. This strategic meeting will work as an eye opener and give an understanding of all creative scope for your business. A worthy agency will go ahead and jump through hoops to prepare a brief presentation on how they can help your business grow manifold.
    • It’s time to do some brainstorming to get an idea on what work needs to be done, and it is important that you understand and work according to your priorities and not leave everything on the agency, as they might at times give more focus to something that can be left behind the others. Do not expect the creative guys to do a lot of work on your brand before you are actually a client, as this is seriously not possible.
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    Make your final decision. Base your choice on your budget, the potential of the agency in taking your goals forward in the right direction, and finding someone who knows a lot about the sector in which your business falls.

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