How to Choose a Coffee Table

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Finding your coffee table can be tricky. It has to fit in with your existing furniture, it has to fulfill all your requirements and it has to reflect your style - otherwise you may as well use an upturned crate! Follow this guide to choosing a coffee table to make sure you get it right. Start at step one below.

Part 1

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    Consider a coffee table that has a glass top. Glass tops are easy to clean but can smear or end up covered in finger marks...Glass is a good choice of material for a coffee table as it doesn't make too much of an impact. You can see through it to the rug , carpet or floor beneath so it blends east into the room. Obviously, glass coffee tables are relatively modern so if you have antique furniture in your lounge, or whatever you serve coffee, a glass table might not be ideal. Remember that a coffee table with a glass front top may break, they aren't as sturdy as wooden tables. Be careful, especially if you have young children, pets and elderly people at at home.
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    Choose a fold-in coffee table. If you're ever on a go or want to drink your coffee outside you might want to choose a fold-in coffee table. As their name states, they can easily fold in and you can pick it up with ease. This can very helpful if you move around when you drink your cup of coffee or if you just want your table on the porch.
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    Choose a wooden coffee table. A wooden coffee table is much stronger and sturdier. It will have a less likely chance of it being chipped or cracked. Wooden coffee tables also are very easy to clean with a sponge and some water.
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    Choose a mini coffee table. Don't have much space in your living room? You might want to pick a mini coffee table. They're tinier than the regular version, but they are easy to store and still are good to place your books or coffee on.

Part 2
Research and Picking

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    Research different types online. Do you want a brown one with oak wood? Or maybe a different wood type. Look at all the different styles and find which suits your, your family, and any guests that come over.
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    Write down all the types you would like. This will help as when it comes to choose it, you'll like them all and not hate them.
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    Go to DIY shops or furniture shops.
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    Take time choosing to make sure it's the right one for you. It could break easily or rust so be aware of the type you choose. Ask furniture keepers what coffee table they use at their home.


  • Remember to ask. Be confident. Asking helps you to know which one is good or not.
  • Get one which suits your room style, space, and color.


  • Make sure it isn't already broken
  • Second hand tables, are cheap but could be broken.

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