How to Choose a Car Tracking System

Having a car tracking system on your vehicle can greatly increase its safety. It can track your car anywhere if it should happen to get stolen and will help recover your car quickly. Here are some tips to consider when you are thinking of how to choose a car tracking system.


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    Research different car tracking systems and figure out how much you are able to spend.
    • Car GPS tracking systems will vary in price depending on the features and even the brand. Research what features you are looking for and compare prices and different systems. Also, consider a system that is easy to install. This will save you money on high installation fees.
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    Talk to professionals about what types and brands are best.
    • You can call up tracking companies and ask for pamphlets and ask them any questions you may have. You can also ask the police for advice, what they have seen regarding car theft and what tracking devices are good to have.
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    Make sure the system you are considering monitors your car in the locations you will be, and at all times.
    • Some systems will require that you report the car stolen before the system can be activated. Others only work within a certain location range and will not be monitored if you travel with your vehicle on business or vacation. Make sure that the system you choose has the capabilities to monitor nationally, not just locally.
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    Consider a system with a GPS or global positioning system tracker.
    • A tracker with a GPS system uses a satellite that not only will track your car as close as a few feet (m), but will also provide a navigation system for your car.
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    Look at systems that have both alarms and tracking capabilities.
    • Some systems double as car alarms as well, and will alert the company if the alarm is set off. The monitoring company can then remotely disable the car's starter. This type of tracking system has its benefits but will be more costly due to the fact that you will have to pay fees for the monitoring service.
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    Find out if the system has any monthly costs.
    • Take notice if the systems you are interested in have monthly fees or any other subscriptions you must purchase with the system. If the tracking system has a GPS or a monitored alarm, then you will probably have to pay monthly or yearly fees for the additional services.

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