How to Choose a Butterfly Tattoo (For Women)

Of all the popular designs for lower back tattoos available, one stands out as being particularly popular with women: the lower back butterfly tattoo. If you have decided that you want a butterfly tattooed on your lower back, there are literally millions of designs you could choose from. Follow these steps to choosing the perfect one for you.


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    Decide whether you want to have a realistic depiction of a butterfly. Many women prefer to incorporate a more fictional vision of a butterfly; one that is almost mythical and ethereal. It's up to you to decide which path you want to go down. However, bear in mind that there are thousands of species of butterfly, so there should be one which has the colors you are after.
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    Next up, decide on what colors you want. As outlined above, there are many species to choose from (if you want a realistic depiction or just some straightforward inspiration). You'll need to decide whether you want multi-colors, one color or just black. Play about with some sketches (if you have children, maybe you could get them involved!), and see what appeals to you.
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    Do you want the butterfly to be alone or accompanied by other images? Some woman like the butterfly to have some pollen or ivy close to butterfly to extend the breadth of the tattoo without having to make the butterfly too large. It's also a way of incorporating some natural curves to accentuate your own curves and make the tattoo ideally suited for your lower back.
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    Connected with this is size. How large do you want the tattoo to be? Many women prefer smaller butterflies. Nevertheless, it's up to you and there are some pretty stunning butterflies out there that are wider than they are tall, so they would be perfect for your lower back. You might also want to consider having the main butterfly made up from lots of smaller butterflies (or perhaps initials of loved ones). It's up to you.
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    Collate all of your ideas and discuss them with your tattoo artist. They will be able to show you some examples of their work, but make sure that the tattoo you choose is special to you.

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