How to Choose a Bride's Hairpins

Some of the most special elements of a wedding are the little details, like the flowers in the bride's bouquet or the trim on the bridesmaid's dress. The bride's hairstyle and hair accessories are an important detail to complete her special look. Keep in mind a few tips for how to choose a bride's hairpins to make the bride look and feel beautiful.


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    Use family heirlooms. If the bride's mother or grandmother has antique hairpins or bridal hair accessories that she used in her own wedding, use these for the bride's hairpins. They can be her "something borrowed" and let her take a special piece of family history down the aisle with her.
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    Incorporate details from her dress. Consider the details on the wedding gown and use these to choose a bride's hairpins. If the dress has satin or lace trim, sequins or flower appliqué, use hairpins that have matching details to bring her look together.
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    Make your own. If you can't find bridal hairpins that match the wedding gown, make them yourself. Start with simple hairpins and add sequins, lace or other embellishments that match the gown's details. The bridal gown store may be able to supply you with fabric, lace or trim.
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    Draw inspiration from the bride. Choose hairpins for a wedding based on the bride's personality and tastes. Find hairpins that incorporate her favorite color, flower or fabric. This will give the bride an accessory that's unique to her and make her feel extra special.
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    Ask the experts. Enlist the help of the bridal consultant that helped the bride choose her gown to find hairpins to match it. Many wedding gown designers make accessories and hair pieces specifically to match their gowns, and bridal stores often carry a wide variety of hair accessories for brides.
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    Match the wedding. Opt for bridal hairpins that incorporate details that are in the rest of the wedding. Find hairpins that feature the flowers in the bride's bouquet, the colors of the bridesmaid's dresses or even the style of trim on the wedding cake. Using these details as part of the bride's look will make the wedding look cohesive and complete.
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    Follow the style of the day. Be sure to find hairpins that match the theme or style of the wedding. If the wedding is a vintage theme and the bride and her bridesmaids are wearing vintage-style dresses, choose hairpins that look vintage or are antiques. If the bride chooses a more modern theme, choose hairpins that are sleek and polished so they fit the style of the bride and her day.

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