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Chlorine is a chemical used to disinfect and sanitize a pool. Chlorine protects against bacteria and algae. It comes in liquid, granular or tablet forms. For chlorine to work properly, it should be between 1.0-3.0 ppm as directed by the health department.


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    Shock your pool. This method requires you to add a large amount of chlorine to your pool quickly. Doing this eliminates organic substances in your pool that bother your swimmers and prevent the chlorine from sanitizing the pool water.
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    Keep chlorine in the pool using a chlorine feeder. Many pool owners prefer automatic chlorine feeders because they precisely dole out small increments of chlorine into your pool. This keeps your pool safe for swimming. Using an automatic chlorine feeder saves you time on pool maintenance because a properly adjusted chlorine feeder only needs to be checked once a week. Another option is to use a flotation device that holds chlorine tablets to keep your pool properly chlorinated.
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    To maintain safe swimming in your pool, it is important to monitor your pool chemical levels. Use test strips to check your pool's chlorine and pH levels. Typically, you dip one test strip into your pool and then compare the color on the strip to the color code on the bottle. Once you know your pool's chemical levels you can add the necessary chemicals.

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