How to Childproof a Kitchen

From poisoning, choking, fires, cuts, falls, scalds and more, your kitchen can be a more dangerous environment for your children than you ever imagined. You can easily learn how to childproof a kitchen in your home, though, and keep your kids from harm.


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    Protect your children from the dangers of the stove top. These tips can also be helpful for families that have medium to large dogs, as some family dogs can easily cause the same dangers from the stove top as their younger human counterparts can.
    • When possible, take advantage of the back burners to heat your meals. This will keep little hands away from pots and pans.
    • Add stove knob covers or remove stove knobs completely until your children are old enough to know not to touch them and in turn activate the stove top.
    • Consider adding a stove guard, a poly-carbonate plastic, heat-resistant barrier, to your stove top to prevent small hands from reaching up where they should not.
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    Prevent oven burns and scalds.
    • If your oven is not built in, make sure that you have it attached to the wall so that it does not tip over.
    • Install an oven lock.
    • Avoid hanging dish towels from the oven's handle. This innocent piece of fabric can actually be used to pull the oven door open by a curious baby or toddler.
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    Avoid cuts and poisoning due to the dishwasher.
    • Put your knives and forks into the dishwasher sharp side down so as to prevent cuts.
    • Start your dishwasher right after you put the detergent in so that your children don't accidentally ingest it.
    • Prevent your children from getting into the dishwasher by installing a lock on it.
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    Use good judgment when it comes to the items on your counter tops.
    • Keep breakable items pushed far back and out of reach.
    • Push all hot and/or scalding items as far back as possible on the counter top.
    • Unplug and store all appliances.
    • Do not keep any medication on the counter tops. Instead store them high up in a cabinet.
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    Keep your cabinets in good order for the safety of your child.
    • Keep cleaning products and other chemicals in higher cabinets, preferably ones that are locked.
    • Install cabinet locks on any cabinet that is waist high or lower.
    • Don't teach your children to use pots and pans as toys. This may confuse them to be tempted to play with them when they are in use and on the burner top.
    • Keep your spices in a locked cabinet. Certain spices can cause adverse reactions in young children.
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    Protect children from the dangers of the refrigerator.
    • Make sure that the refrigerator has been installed securely and is not a tipping hazard.
    • Install a lock on the door to keep children out.
    • If you have to put medication in the refrigerator, keep it on the top shelf.
    • Until children are old enough, do not use magnets, which can pose a choking hazard to small children.
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    Prevent slipping in the kitchen by making sure that your rugs are secured.
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    Consider adding a fire extinguisher to your kitchen for an additional safety measure.


  • Consider turning your hot water down to 120 °F (49 °C) as a scalding preventative measure.

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