How to Chicken Proof Your Garden

Every chicken should get the option to free-range - it comes with a lot of benefits for the flock. But, before doing so it is best to prepare the garden for the flock. If you don't take caution it can come with a lot of disasters for your chickens.


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    Set up a fencing system. The last thing you want is your chickens wandering across the road or ending up in a neighbours back yard. Just like outside cats, chickens wander about too. A secure fencing system can also keep predators out of the yard. You can either use secure wood fencing or set up some chicken wire.
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    Close off garden beds and flowers. Chickens will eat anything and everything in the garden which is why you'll want to close off all your precious vegetables, fruits and plants. You can do so with fencing or chicken wire.
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    Get rid of dangerous plants to chickens. Like some foods, plants can also be toxic to chickens. If you know the name of your plants, give a search online to see if they are dangerous to your chickens.
    • Although chickens will avoid plants that are dangerous to them, there are always exceptions with them.
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    Do not use chemicals or pesticides on your lawn. These are bad for chickens as they like to graze on grass often. If the chickens ingest these chemicals it can make them possibly ill.
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    Keep a supply of grit nearby. All the foraging around the garden can be bad on the crop if you don't maintain the chickens well. Grit helps the chickens digest the nutrition they come across.

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