How to Check the Version of Your Mac

If you are on a Mac and want to download a piece of software, like Google Chrome or LimeWire, you need to know your OS number.


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    Click the little blue or gray apple at the top.
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    Click on the 'About This Mac' option.
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    Under the Apple and Mac OS X, you should see in small print "Version 10,--,--".I am running 10.6.6
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    See if you can run software. Google Chrome requires 10.5 or later, for example


  • If your default background is blue with curvy lines, then it's 10.4 or below.
  • If your dock is on the bottom and it's 3d, then it's 10.5 or above.

Things You'll Need

  • A Mac (OS X)
  • All the normal computer stuff, like a mouse, keyboard.

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