How to Check into Items via tvtag

Unlike many items that only allow you to check-in via a mobile browser, tvtag (formerly GetGlue) also allows you to check-in to entertainment items via your PC browser. You'll find details on how to do this, after reading and following the directions in this article.


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    Visit and login to the tvtag website in your web browser. Wait until the page has fully loaded before continuing.
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    Click the button that says Check-In. The button will be located to the right of the tvtag website.
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    Type the item you're watching, as the website automatically starts the cursor into this box by default and click the name of the item you want to check into.
    • You can check-into such items as: most TV shows and sporting events and most movies. tvtag has removed all check-in items relating to books, music, and other random stuff such as holidays and the like.
    • If the item you want isn't listed, you'll have to do a little more work.
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    Click into the large box on the check-in screen and type in a personalized "Check-in message" telling the user that you are watching, listening or doing something that associates the check-in with the item, if you don't want the default message of "(x) checked into (x) topic" to be used.
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    Authorize sharing with either Facebook or Twitter or both. On the website, you can also share with Tumblr. Click the corresponding button to the service you want to share the activity with and authorize the service with your account.
    • You can find these items in about the center of the page, just underneath the tabs labeled "Conversation", "Reviews" and "Suggestions".
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    Click the "Post" button.


  • tvtag also has their own smartphone app (for all major smartphones including the iPhone and Android devices), and a mobile-based website that will allow you to check-into many entertainment items.
  • If you've ever been awarded a sticker for a show one year, and the sticker is a once-lifetime (unchanging by year show)-you'll never earn the sticker again, in any subsequent years. however, in the cases of New Years NYC ball drops (where the listings list the year), you can check in in subsequent years and earn additional stickers that are geared to these subsequent years.
  • As you check into items, you'll be awarded along the way, with things tvtag calls Stickers. Some are for special times, while some aren't and tend to be the same no matter what time you check into the item, and are dependent on the amount of times you use the check-in consecutively.
  • tvtag doesn't just have entertainment items. They also have a variety of holiday and things to "think about" to along with celebrities and whatnot. Therefore, you can check into TV shows and sports, movies (at a theater or at home), music-libraries/podcasts, books/eBooks/magazines, video games/websites/website games/board games, along with these other features, so there is a lot of stuff to check into with this site. You'll never get bored with it.
  • Special "stickers" are awarded for certain special check-ins (holidays and holiday shows), along with other stickers for multiple check-in times for certain things.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access
  • tvtag account
  • an entertainment program to check-in to

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