How to Check in at Disney’s Contemporary Resorts

When it comes to noticing the features that Walt Disney World's Contemporary Resort has, most people want to know how to check in to this resort. If you don't know how to check in to this resort, this article will tell you.


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    Reserve your room via the MyDisneyExperience website. Make sure to count all of your guests. Most websites that aren't affiliated with Disney won't sell you a room here, due to various reasons.
    • Be careful not to choose the Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary Resort, as this new complex isn't the same and is much more expensive than it's regular resort, although it is very close by. (Just when you thought the room prices at the Contemporary Resort were too high, the Bay Lake Resort will run you up a super-steep bill!)
    • The Contemporary Resort is full of adjoining rooms. Upon reservation of the room, you'll need to speak with a Disney World Customer Service agent and mention that you'd like to have adjoining rooms. However, they are only able to supply adjoining rooms under certain conditions.
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    Realize that all rooms are allotted for no more than five people at a time.
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    Park your car in the lot outside the Contemporary Resort, which is just inside the Resort parking gates to the Magic Kingdom parking lot (stay to the right, and show the ticket-giver your confirmation sheet/receipt, and they'll happily waive the price of admission to the resort).
    • Follow the signs that direct you to the Contemporary Resort, after you enter through the Welcome to Walt Disney World (Magic Kingdom) park gates.
    • There are two lots located at either end of the hotel, one is much bigger than the other.
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    Open the entrance door to the resort nearest the parking lot you parked in.
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    Turn around the corner. Nearby, you'll see the main office/check in desk. If there's a person standing at the desk for "Online Check In Services" try to head to that clerk. Otherwise, head to the person at another register/desk.
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    Remember that check-in time is no earlier than 3pm, although many people will be successful when they try to get a room before that time, it's not allowed and you shouldn't try. The chances of getting a room on floors few people want to use (nosebleed section of the resort or something entirely different), are much higher then. Don't go there too early, or you won't get in to a room, either.
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    Present them a copy of the receipt you should have printed (or at least a copy of the confirmation number to your reservation). However, the more the merrier in Disney's case.
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    Let them run the paperwork and hand you the card/keys that will give you the privilege to open your room door (Disney calls these keys the "Keys to the World" cards).
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    Let them talk to you about the number you are supposed to call daily to see if the room is ready for your daily visit (Remember, the maids will go in and clean up and straighten up while you are away.)


  • Text message alerts that will alert you to the readiness of your room's cleaning are available, as long as you supply a working cellphone number to the check-in register person upon arrival.
  • If you own your own MagicMyWay wristbands, they'll be able to link your room reservations to each and every band you own upon arrival.
  • Try to remember to purchase your tickets at the resort, if you didn't do that during the online reservation for your hotel room.
  • With the wide variety of options to choose from when you sign-in, between the monorail right in the resort (from the 4th floor level)[1] and the long list of other things you can do there, with the pool and boating at the lake and lots of cool other things that this resort has to offer (long list of restaurants and plenty of chances for mementos from character dining opportunities (with advanced notice/reservation required), this hotel could be a good one to choose if you're ever out of ideas when it comes to finding something to do when the parks aren't an option.
  • If you got to the hotel well before check-in time and are looking for something to do and have your park tickets nearby, with a quick walk via the pathway from the one exit door and/or the monorail trip to the Magic Kingdom, a park session is well in store for you.
  • If you realized that you could save some money (free for resort guests) and chose to ride the Disney Experience buses, you'll save some money and time on further trips. besides the airport ride to/from the hotel, you can take the experience bus to/from the parks that aren't connected to the monorails directly (MGM and Animal Kingdom) and save for those day/night-park sessions too.

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