How to Cheat Proof a Relationship

Do you want to make sure that you can keep each other from cheating ? There really is no way to keep someone from doing this awful thing, or to know when they're about to cheat, but there are some things you can (both) do to help ensure the best choice for each other: to stay faithful and loyal.


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    Make your relationship (and each other) a priority. Simply make time for it (the relationship) and each other. Even if you have to write it down in a calendar, schedule times and dates to be together and connect or bond or be intimate with each other in every way, on all levels, and in every area possible. Have a weekly date with each other, and make the most out of your days off together. Go out once in a while and stay in once in a while. Alternate.
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    Always tell the truth. Many people lie for many reasons even if they don't know they are lying. Cheating is not about being not being monogamous as many have been tricked into thinking, however cheating is about deceit.
    • Never try to be someone you are not: This is a form of lying that people overlook. If you are broke, don't pretend you have money. If you hate sports don't pretend you love them. If you hate to cook, please don't play like it's your favorite pass time. If you don't like sex, be up front, because you will be found out later in the relationship.
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    Have some time away from each other and some space (physically & emotionally...etc). Don't neglect other areas of your life - such as your friends, family, work, school, time for yourself, etc.
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    Communicate with and support one another as much as you can. Remember; you have the Internet, magazines, books, (etc). Use these resources as an advantage to your relationship.
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    Work on your relationship every single day, work out the problems when they arise (effectively), whatever you can do to make your relationship more healthy, close, intimate, or make it better between you two, DO IT.
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    Never overlook the power of negotiation. Sometimes people cheat because they feel trapped. Bringing things to the table and being willing to reorganize your relationship could give your union a fresh new perspective. Because relationships change when we don't change with them this leaves gaps for cheating opportunities.
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    Don't abuse each other in any way shape or form. Work towards having a healthy and loving relationship with each other. Have fun together - laugh and smile with one another. Joke around - have a good time. Be upbeat and positive, (etc.)
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    Instigate a talk about cheating, don't be accusatory, defensive, etc. Try to be neutral, i.e. "I can't believe how many relationships suffer from infidelity, I'm sure it wouldn't happen to us, but if something were to happen I want to be able to tell you and vise versa." Ask your partner how they feel about the relationship and if there's anything they want to try, more time apart, more time together, etc. Gain insight into their views on cheating.


  • Say *please* and *thank-you*.
  • Avoid controlling a relationship in any way. Desperation for control is definitely a sign of bad things to come.
  • Make your own "special holidays" for another. Make him or her to feel like a queen or king for that whole day.
  • Resist temptation by removing yourself from it whenever possible.
  • Say "I love you" every day (just make sure you mean it)
  • Remember, intimacy and sex are not the same. Be open and honest 100% with one another, and allow your significant other to be a companion and your best friend as well as a lover.
  • Accept each others personality. Do not try to change your partner into what you think would be the ideal partner or spouse. Mind your own business and let them develop and grow in their own personality at their own pace.


  • Don't be too trusting or too insecure; remember that cheating can happen to any relationship.

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