How to Channel Anger With Exercise

Do you feel torn that you are beaten up and insulted everyday? Do you feel the anger rushing through your body but don't know what to do with it? This guide will explain to you how to turn your anger into something that will make you stronger, so don't wait here, read on!


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    Know what anger is and why you get angry. Was it your fault or someone else's? Identify the harmful causes of being too angry. Anger is an important part of health; when used being properly such as anger motivates you when your studying, it motivates you when you're down. But when used in physical response, it is dangerous and can ruin the person from within so never try to respond physically. When you're exercising, anger can give you that boost you need.
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    Research. Do not think you can go straight into training, you need have the correct form of exercise and some kind of routine. Eating a healthy diet too will benefit your body and make you stronger. So try doing research on that.
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    Train. When you have the basics down, decide which exercises to do, such as isolation exercises or compound exercises. Compound exercises are good because they help to grow more muscle then isolation exercises. This is where the anger part comes in. If you normally you do 10 reps, remember when you got beaten up, you wanted to be stronger and got angry that you were not strong enough. When you recall thoughts that made you angry, it urges you onto doing more then 10 reps.
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    Carry on. Be a fighter and carry on, after the outburst of energy, you feel giving up saying you can never achieve but you're wrong, you can. You can decide your own faith, no one can decide it for you. Ask yourself "Do I really want to be strong? If I do, why am I giving up, I should be carrying on!".
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    Be self sufficient. If you can manage all of your tasks by yourself, then there is no need for you to owe anybody anything. Try to do your own work without interrupting others as some people take advantage of this later on (but not all) so try to mind your own business. Remember how you will feel when you keep asking for help and annoying those around you, you don't want to be rejected so try to do your own work and be kind, thoughtful and honest.
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    Run. Running with soothing music on to help you can give you the extra edge as you want to do well but it also calms you down when you're listening to music.
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    Become the strongest. Using your determination, try to become the strongest as you will find out that generally people make more friends with strong people, but do not use your strength to hurt someone, protect someone with your strength.


  • Never give up.
  • Remember research is important, if you know what you're doing, it makes things a lot easier.
  • Keep yourself hydrated while you run and exercise.
  • Consult a fitness coach to help you with your training.


  • Do not overwork yourself.

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