How to Change Your Windows DNS

Do you want to change your DNS server to Google's DNS server, or another server, but you have no idea how? Start with step 1, below.


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    Right-click on your internet connection, in the bottom-right corner near the clock. Click on Open Network and Sharing Center. If you can't see your internet icon, click the up arrow.
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    On the left panel of the Network and Sharing Center, click Change Adapter Settings.
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    Double-click on your internet connection. Then click Properties.
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    If prompted, enter a password for User Account Control or click Yes/Continue. Windows XP and earlier do not have UAC.
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    Scroll down to Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties.
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    Click the circle that reads, Use the following DNS server addresses. For Google DNS servers, type in in the first box, and in the second box.
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    Click OK, then Close, then Close. You can close the other two windows as well.


  • You can use other DNS servers too, just search on your preferred search engine, "Best DNS servers".
  • This will work on Windows 95 to 10.

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