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Text, or .txt files generally don't have formatting, but are much smaller than MS Word documents. They are ideal for e-mail or posting to the web. Programing files are almost universally written in plain text format, and are often used to store notes or CSS and HTML files.


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    Open your MS Word, Corel WordPerfect, or OpenOffice document.
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    Click on the file menu near the top left hand corner. On the newest (Windows) version of MS Word, this is the big round button with four colored boxes in the top left hand corner.
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    Click on Save As in the drop down menu. If that opens another menu, click on text document, .txt or similar.
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    Enter a document name.
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    Underneath the document name box, there will be a drop down box, check to see what it says. If it says .txt, text, plain text, ASCII, UNICODE, or similar then click save. If not, click on the box and find one of the aforementioned formats and click it, then click save.


  • You can right click and then click on "new" then "Notepad Document" in Microsoft Windows to create a new txt document.
  • Notepad and Wordpad are two programs that are usually installed on Microsoft Windows computers and are used to edit and create plain text documents.
  • You can also open plain text documents in almost every word processing software.

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