How to Change the Title of a wikiHow Article

Three Parts:Preparatory StepsChanging the TitleFinishing Steps

If you are either a wikiHow Admin or New Article Booster, you can retitle an article. Whether it's been templated with the {{title}} template or not, you can make these changes.

If you are not currently a wikiHow Administrator or New Article Booster, please see the instructions in Request a Title Change for a wikiHow Article to learn how to correctly apply a Title Tag template to an article.

Part 1
Preparatory Steps

  1. Image titled Change title title policy
    Locate the article that needs the title change. Review the Title Policy before you begin.
    • If you're looking for articles that need to be retitled, open the Title Category here.
  2. Image titled Change title discussion post
    Check the Discussion Page of the article for any comments or alternative title suggestions.
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    Pick the new title. If there is a suggestion present on the Discussion page or in the {{title}} template, evaluate the suggested title for accuracy and economy of phrasing.
    • Not all suggested titles are the better than the existing title. If the current title is better than the suggested one, remove the {{title|Please change me}} template and explain your reasoning on the discussion page or edit summary.
    • You can skip the consensus building portion of the title change process in several instances. For example: if the article is fairly new, and the author just made a simple typo when writing it, or if you are not changing anything other than simple grammar issues such as spelling, punctuation, first person usage, or capitalization.
    • The more well-established the article (determined by how old it is and how many page views it has), the more careful you need to be about changing the title. For example: You should be extra cautious about changing a title if an article has a high view count and has been read by a wide audience over a good period of time.
    • Occasionally, with newer articles that have very few views or comments on their talk pages, it is simpler to copy/paste an entire body of an article into a better title rather than creating multiple REDIRECT pages.

Part 2
Changing the Title

  1. Image titled Change title move
    Go to the article that needs adjusting. Then choose "Move" from the admin buttons on the top of the page.
  2. Image titled Change title action page
    Make the changes to the title. State your reasoning for changing the title in the box. Click "Move Page".
    • Decide whether to check the box to "Leave redirect behind." This should be checked if the titles are totally interchangeable, per the title policy and merge policy, but not if they are not.
  3. Image titled Change title success
    Check the confirmation screen to see that the page was moved correctly. Then complete the other general steps listed below.

Part 3
Finishing Steps

  1. Image titled Change title go to old
    Change all incoming links to the old title. To do this, click on the old title from your confirmation screen.
  2. Image titled Change title what links here
    Choose "What Links Here" from the toolbox drop-down menu.
    • Go through each link, find any references to the old title, and replace them with the new title that's been agreed upon. This isn't mandatory, since the redirects will keep all the old links fresh. However in the cases of a radical name change it will reduce reader confusion.
    • In each of these pages, use an edit summary of something similar to "updated link to reflect moved page" or just "updating link" to explain why you are completing this action.
    • If a broken redirect created by your move should be deleted rather than updated, per the wikiHow:Merge Policy (in other words, if the two topics are both viable but don't mean the exact same thing), you can send these links to an Admin for deletion of the redirect.
  3. Image titled Change title remove template
    Remove the title template. Open the article for editing to remove the {{title}} tag from the article. Remove the title tag, include an edit summary, and save your changes.


  • The discussion and waiting period are optional and can be skipped if both of the following apply:
    • The wikiHow article is relatively new.
    • Your reason for changing the title is to fix spelling, grammar, punctuation, first person usage, or capitalization, all of which are straightforward and usually not debated.
  • The more well-established the article (determined by how old it is and how many page views it has), the more careful you need to be about changing the title. Consider that if the article has a high view count and thus has been read significantly for a good period of time, the existing title must already have decent merit in attracting readers.
  • In some cases, it might be helpful to delete the old title altogether by deleting the redirect.
  • If you discover that you have a knack for finding good titles, regularly browse title change requests and new pages to help.
  • Always return to checking the Double Redirects page, to make sure no other double redirects created need the new title of the redirect changed too.


  • Resist the urge to just manually create a new article, and move the items over to it. It's improper to do, creates more problems in the long run (a big no-no) loses the most-useful prior history of that article, and creates duplicate titles. Use only one of these approved methods above, assuming you have either New Article Booster or Admin rights.

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