How to Change the MAF on a Mercedes Benz W210 V6

The W210 series Mercedes-Benz E-Class suffers from a very annoying problem which manifests itself in the form of a Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor failure. When this sensor fails, drive-ability will suffer and symptoms can include a rough idle, loss of power, car unwilling to rev above 4,000rpm, harsh automatic gear shifting, and a Check Engine Light (CEL) among others. This article will explain how to change the MAF on your V6 engined W210. The process will be fairly similar for other W210 models.


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    Open the hood. Make sure the engine is switched off and the key is out of the ignition. There is no need to disconnect the battery for this job.
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    Locate the air filter housing. This will be on the left hand side of the engine bay if you stand in front of the vehicle.
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    Unclip the top half of the air filter housing. There will be six clips in total, three on the left hand side of the housing, which lift up and away, and three on the right hand side, which are designed differently but open in the same fashion.
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    Locate the MAF. It comes directly after the air filter housing in the large diameter pipe leading from the housing to the rear of the engine. There will be a jubilee clip holding the MAF to the large air pipe. Loosen this with a Philips screwdriver.
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    Unclip the MAF. There is a large electrical connector on the right hand side of the MAF. Disconnect this by pushing in both tabs on the connector and pulling it off. It may be tight so use appropriate force to slide it off. Once this is done, release the two clips holding the MAF to the large air pipe. One clip is on top, the other is on the bottom of the MAF.
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    Remove the MAF. First pull away the top section of the air filter box and place it to the side. Then pull the MAF away from the air pipe. Inspect the pipe leading to the rear of the engine for any obvious cracks or breakages. If you find any, replace the pipe because these air leaks will completely negate any effect your new MAF will have on engine performance.
  7. 7
    Remove and replace the air filter. Use a good quality part, preferably from Mercedes-Benz, otherwise the best quality aftermarket part you can find. This is essential for keeping the MAF clean and allowing it to do its job effectively for longer.
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    Install your new MAF. Installation is the exact reverse of removal. Make sure everything sits together tightly because as said before, any air leaks will make performance suffer.
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    Perform a 'soft reset'. This process is quick, easy, and will set your new MAF up for use. Put your key in the ignition and turn it to position 2 (position 3 will start the car, do not start the car yet!). Make sure all electrical consumers such as radio, lights, heaters etc are switched off for the duration of the soft reset. With the key turned to position 2, press the accelerator pedal down to the floor and hold it there for at least ten seconds. Then, keeping the pedal down, turn the key to position zero, but do not remove the key. Once the key is in position zero, remove your foot from the gas pedal and wait for at least two minutes. Now remove the key from the ignition, put it back in and start your car.
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    Enjoy! Your car will feel like new: instant acceleration, smooth power delivery, smooth gear changes. If your car previously had a CEL showing, it will clear after 30 minutes of continuous driving with the new MAF sensor.

Things You'll Need

  • New MAF
  • New high quality air filter
  • Philips screwdriver

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