How to Change Oil Using the EZ Oil Drain Valve

Eww. What a nasty job-- You have to change the oil in your vehicle every three, four or five thousand miles. You must get on your back and "shrimp" under the car to remove the drain plug-- only to have hot oil run down your arm. It seems no matter what you do, too, some oil ends up in a puddle under the car. It often isn't the easiest, most pleasant or the cleanest job,-- until now.


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    Put an oil drain pan under the oil pan drain hole.
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    Remove the original drain plug and drain the oil. It may be a bit of a mess, but next time around, it won't be nearly so bad.
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    Install the new valve and hand tighten, then give an additional one-eighth turn using a small crescent wrench positioned on the flats of the valve body. Make sure not to over-tighten the valve.
    • If you have the straight or L-shaped hose end connections, screw these into the valve body and attach the hoses. This arrangement gives you added convenience.
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    Remove the old oil filter and install a new one.
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    Close the lever on the EZ Drain Valve and refill with the recommended engine oil for your vehicle.
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    Lift up the lever and turn it counter-clockwise to drain the oil the next time you change oil.
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    Turn the lever back (clockwise) to close the valve before filling with fresh oil. Make sure the lever is secured in the locked position.


  • Always use the oil and oil change interval recommended for the make and model of your vehicle. Changing your oil on a routine basis will reduce wear and tear on your car's engine parts.
  • For faster oil changes, warm up your car for a few minutes before your oil change.
  • Make sure to follow the manufacturer's recommended torque when installing the valve.
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    If your car has a side drain, the optional hose ends work great. Be sure to get the right hose end and hose for your EZ Oil Drain Valve.

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