How to Change Mouse Cursor on Weebly with Cursors

Do you have a Weebly website and instead of a plain mouse cursor for your site, you want to change it? This article will teach you in a jiffy!


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    Log into your Weebly account and click Edit on any website.
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    At the top of the page should be a Design button. Click that.
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    On the left side of the screen should be some design options. But below those options should be a button that says Edit HTML/CSS. Click that and something like this should appear.
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    Go to this website. and look through their cursors. Pick any one you want! Once you have found one like the one above, scroll down the page until you see something that says Option #2. There will be a link under it. Just roll over it, right click and select Copy.
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    Go back to your Weebly editor and on the very top of the main-style.css area, right click and select paste.
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    On the top right corner, click Save, enter what your theme name is, click save, click publish and when you go to your site, there will be your cursor!


  • Did you choose an animated cursor and it's not animating? This is because you're not using internet explorer. IE is the only browser that chooses to have animated cursors animate. If your using IE and the animated cursor isn't animating, google why.

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  • Weebly website

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