How to Change LEDs on Roccat Ryos

The basics should be the same on most mechanical keyboards. You can damage your keyboard if you don't know what you are doing


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    Opening up the keyboard
    • There are 14 total screws on the back of the keyboard.
    • 6 of them can be seen right away, while the rest isn't.
    • There are 3 screws behind the thin rubber patch, one behind each thick one, and one behind the label.
    • After unscrew all of them, you should now be able to just lift the cover off.
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    Getting the keyboard's...board? out
    • There are 6 screws in this step, one of them is tying the center piece to ground cable.
    • After unscrew all of them and disconnecting the data cable, lift the center piece up and flip it over. (You can disconnect the thumb key if you like)
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    Swapping out the dead leds
    • Find the position of your dead leds, then desolder them using soldering pump. Led should just fall off right away
    • Before putting the new led in, make sure the polarity is correct (use multimeter or just touch the terminal with led pins).
    • Put the led in the slot and solder them (make sure the gap between led and button is tight, you can just put a piece of tissue paper under the board to push the led towards the board)
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    Thumb keys
    • Sorry, no photo, but this one is more straight forward, the only hard part is the size.
    • Desolder old ones, put the new one in. You can just melt both solder simultaneously then throw the led on it. Also, don't forget the polarity first!
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    Putting stuff back
    • Should be simple, just reverse everything you've done, don't forget to connect the ground wire.

Things You'll Need

  • Soldering Iron (Decent one would be nice)
  • Desoldering pump
  • Solder (standard one with flux core will do)
  • 3mm flangeless leds with color of your pick, around 3-7 cent each. You can get some from here

If you want to change the led of the thumb-key

  • Soldering Stand (To hold the PCB)
  • Really really small smd led, 0201 or smaller, also with color of your choice. Should not cost more than 30 cent each.

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