How to Change Cat Food

Changing a cat's food is hard for your cat because your cat is used to the old food. Changing cat food this way, is also easier on your pet's digestion. Read on to find out how to switch your cat from one food to another.


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    Pick the kind of food you want your cat to switch to. You can switch to a different dry food brand, or between wet foods. You can also switch from dry to wet or vice versa.
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    Start by mixing a little bit of the new food into the old food and give it to your cat.
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    Repeat this step with progressively more of the new food mixed in every time you feed it. If your cat doesn't notice, continue until all the food in your cat's food bowl is the new food. If your cat does notice, go down one level of the new and old food mix to give it more time to adjust.
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    Continue to feed your cat like this until it has fully accepted the new food.


  • Don't switch the cat food right away. Your cat might not eat or accept it if it just shows up on its plate. Ease your companion in stages to get them accustomed to the new food.

Things You'll Need

  • Cat food: both the original kind and the brand you want to switch to
  • Bowl for cat food
  • A hungry cat

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