How to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher appreciation week is usually around the end of the school year. It is an important time to thank your teachers for teaching you essential information. There are many great ways to celebrate it!


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    Give your teacher a gift. You could try something small such as a balloon, vase of flowers, or box of chocolate. If you do not know what your teacher likes, ask him or her what his or her preference is for a gift. If you know what your teacher likes, make the gift a nice surprise! Either way, your teacher will feel very appreciated and touched by your congeniality.
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    Write a "thank you" card for your teacher. Explain why you are writing the note and what you are thanking the teacher for. For example, you could write "Mr/Mrs. (Name), Thank you so much for all that you have taught me this year. I always enjoy learning from you. Keep up the great work! (Your name)". Remember that the thought counts! Your teacher will truly appreciate the letter.
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    Host a "thank you" breakfast and coffee social for the teachers. Offer to volunteer to bring food yourself. Help out with the signup form for students to fill out if they plan on bringing goodies, too. This is a great way to get the school engaged and recognize your teachers!
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    Bring your teacher his or her favorite snack or dessert. Before you do so, it is best to ask what snack he or she enjoys eating. Try something such as a slice of pizza, chips, Oreos, or a pretzel bag. Your teacher will appreciate the thoughtfulness of bringing in food for him/her!
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    Bring in a classroom supply. Doing so is a wonderful way to show your teachers how helpful you are. Try bringing supplies such as pencils, a ream of paper, and a pack of crayons.

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