How to Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day

International Talk Like a Pirate Day is always celebrated on the 19th of September, whatever year it be, mateys! Ahoy there! It be time to celebrate the spirit of pirates!


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    Put together a suitable pirate costume. Whether you're a lass or a lad, there's an outfit just right for ye:
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    Find suitable accessories. There are a few essentials that "complete" the pirate look. These won't cost too much, especially if sourced from your household supplies or a dollar store.
    • Make an eyepatch. Read wikiHow's article on how to wear a pirate eyepatch.
    • Make a pirate hat from paper, or use a costume one.
    • Carry a pirate flag.
    • Add a pirate hook to the end of one arm.
    • Carry a pirate sword, known as a cutlass. A cardboard or plastic one is perfectly fine (and legal to wear around the streets!).
    • Wear your flashiest jewelry and your loudest, most colorful scarves as "rags".
    • Add a toy stuffed parrot. Perch the toy parrot to your shoulder. If you can't find a suitable stuffed toy bird, make one from papier mache.
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    Assemble a crew. A pirate without a crew is bereft indeed! Involve friends and engage in pirate-speak with casual passers-by. The more the arr-ier!
    • Encourage work colleagues to join in the spirit if you're working on Talk Like a Pirate Day. Suspend normal clothing rules for those who want to be pirates!
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    Learn to talk like a pirate. Pirate talk is colorful and old-fashioned - put on the manner of a pirate by muttering, and saying things like "Avast, ya scurvy varmints!", "Avast, me hearties!", "All hands ahoy!" ("all hands on deck!"), or "Shiver me timbers!".
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    Enjoy music the pirate way.
    • Sing at the top of your lungs, even if you sound off-key or don't know all the words. Pirates love to sing!
    • To add to the mood, try listening to "piratecore" bands such as Flogging Molly, or pirate metal such as Alestorm.
    • Dance a pirate's jig.
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    Spend the rest of the day being pirate focused. Wear your costume, talk to your stuffed parrot, wear the eyepatch all day, and keep spicing up the pirate-y goodness of the day with some pirate filled activities:
    • Release the pirate within! Learn how to let out your inner pirate and allow him or her to run about for the day!
    • Make a pirate's treasure map for children. If you've got kids involved in the day's fun, share a treasure-map making hour with them - you'll have as much fun as them! And go on a pirate treasure hunt for a bit of fun!
    • Make up a pirate name. If you're going to be a pirate for a day, make sure to give yourself a great name, from Hawk, Crowe the One-Eyed, Glowering Maggie, to Frank Big-Hearted Stoutbeard.
    • Draw a cartoon pirate. Get out the paper and pen, and impress your friends with a pirate sketch!
    • Throw a pirate party for kids or adults). What better way to celebrate than with a pirate party?
    • Bake a pirate cake or a pirate chocolate biscuit treasure chest cake. Hungry pirates need to be fed good food and a pirate cake (or two) will please many a starving pirate.
    • Build a pirate bar. When the sun goes down, the pirate bar can be a place of bawdy rowdiness and glugging, all in your backyard if you're feeling generous enough!
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    Switch your Facebook language to "Pirate". Log into Facebook, if you're not already. Scroll to the bottom of the home page. Find the language settings. It's in a bar, to the left, next to the copyright information. Select "English (Pirate)." Skewer yer scallywag mateys!
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    If you use Google, switch the language settings to "Pirate" for fun.


  • Mark your calendar so you don't forget!
  • Drink rum, pineapple juice, coconut juice, or other suitable pirate beverages.
  • Keep in mind that pirates had their own Jargon or slang words and phrases that they used, so try to use some of them in your act.


  • Ignore the land loving people who feel a need to give you funny looks. They're missing out on a great time.
  • If you have a job to go to consider being more...subtle about "talk like a pirate day" After all being a pirate isn't exactly a steadily paying job!
  • Pirates don't let pirates drink grog and sail the vast seas! Designate a lubber.

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