How to Celebrate March Fourth

March 4th is the only day of the year that is also a command! You can use this day to celebrate your achievements and set new goals. Here's how.


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    Have everyone who would like to participate make a list of goals to achieve by March 4th of the following year.
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    Establish a prize to be given to the person who does the best at achieving their goals. You can try spray painting one of your old boots gold, then have everyone who is going to participate contribute a dollar to go into the boot trophy. You can also just fill the boot with booze, but be careful that the boot is clean. The first year you will have the party, but no prize, as no one will have achieved their goals yet.
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    Play inspirational music, such as "I Believe I Can Fly","Eye of the Tiger", "Hero" by Mariah Carey, etc. Some people play marching music. Choose whichever songs float your boat.
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    Choose your food based on a marching theme, such as trail mix, shoestring potatoes, "lettuce march" salad, rocky road, etc.
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    Set up a boot camp obstacle course, potato sack races, or a relay to offer some fun activities for your guests.
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    Get a sheet, have everyone stand on it and get their feet traced, then have everyone pitch in and paint the footprints. This makes a great tablecloth and can even serve as another trophy for the winner.


  • It's probably best to start out with your immediate family before adding anyone else in. It is harder for the people who live with you to ditch you. After your extended family sees how cool it is they may be more willing to commit.
  • Your kids may want to dress as soldiers.
  • "Onward Christian Soldiers" might be a good tune for Christians throwing this party.


  • If you don't think someone will be able to find the trophy again after they've had it for a year, it is probably best not to invite them, but if you have to it is probably best to just offer the winner a gift certificate or the money and keep the trophy at your house until next year's party. This rule will then have to be applied to everyone to keep it fair.

Things You'll Need

  • Trophy or prize of some sort (a homemade one is best)
  • Family or friends

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