How to Celebrate International Bacon Day

International Bacon Day is the one day of the year for the world to come together and appreciate bacon in every way possible. Depending on the country, International Bacon Day is celebrated either on the first Saturday after the New Years in January, February 19th, or the the Saturday before Labor Day. Go out there and honor this pork with friends and family.


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    Cook bacon in a variety of ways. Use a bacon strip for each method and do a taste test to see which one is more enjoyable.
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    Turn bacon into desserts and sweets. Try different edible things you can create with bacon, such as candied bacon and chocolate bacon. Or make sweets such as bacon brittle or bacon toffee. If you're in the mood for baking, make a bacon cake, bacon chocolate chip cookies or bacon hazelnut cookies.
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    Have bacon with every meal of the day. Plan out eggs and bacon for breakfast, a delicious BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato) sandwich for lunch, and steak with bacon wrapped asparagus for dinner.
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    Encourage vegetarians to enjoy this holiday by enjoying vegetarian bacon. A popular brand is "Smart Bacon". With the texture of real bacon, you won't know the difference! Even people on diets won't be left out, as dishes can be easily made with turkey bacon.
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    Cure a hangover with a bacon sandwich. Foods that are high in protein and carbohydrates break down into amino acids. These amino acids, in turn, give you a clearer mind and help to relieve migraines.[1]
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    Have a bacon cooking competition. Arrange two or more teams to make a unique dish that includes bacon. Have someone taste test the dishes and declare a winner.
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    Drink to bacon. Make bacon-infused vodka. Enjoy it in a bacontini (a bacon martini). Experiment with garnishing your next beer with a rasher of cooked bacon.

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