How to Celebrate Flag Day

Celebrating Flag Day on June 14 has been a long and honorable tradition for most United States citizens. President Woodrow Wilson issued a presidential proclamation in 1916 offering national recognition for "Old Glory." Recognition of the American flag is a week long event culminating with Flag Day on June 14 (which for members of the United States Army and its veterans, also serves as the Army Birthday).


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    Display the American Flag on June 14. Follow appropriate flag etiquette when displaying the flag.
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    Attend any Flag Day ceremonies, if any, in your area. Flag Day has the fewest "traditions" when it comes to American holiday celebrations. Feel free to honor the American Flag in a patriotic way that feels comfortable to you.
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    Design lesson plans [1] honoring Flag Day. Lesson plans may include a history of the American flag, discussing the Pledge of Allegiance, and perhaps a craft making an American flag. Students could also write short essays or speeches reflecting the history of Flag Day.
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    Plan a party. Display the American flag in a prominent location. Make an American flag [2] cake.
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    Plan a barbecue and invite the neighbors.
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    Start a patriotic pageant.
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    Attend a flag burning ceremony. Most Boy Scout troops or other community organizations conduct a flag burning ceremony.
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    Since June 14 also serves as the anniversary of the founding of the United States Army, make sure, if near an Army base or installation, to attend celebrations for the 2 events, including birthday balls. June 14 marks the day in 1775 when the Second Continental Congress declared the official foundation of the Continental Army, check the Department of Defense and US Army websites for more info about local events marking the day.


  • Do not wear the American flag as apparel. You can wear jewelry such as a lapel pin.
  • Salute if you are military or an honorably discharged veteran not in uniform. The newest revisions of Title 4 USC Chapter 1 As, as amended, in 2008 allows military and honorably discharged veterans, not in uniform, to render the military hand salute to the flag.
  • Always fly the American Flag with honor.
  • Always retire the flag with honor.
  • Dispose of the American flag with honor.
  • Always stand at "attention" hand over heart, unless religious teachings dictate otherwise, when the American flag passes by. Men should remove their hats when the American flag passes them.
  • For more American flag history read Our Flag [3] from the Federal Citizen Information Center.
  • Never insult others perspective about the national days.

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