How to Celebrate Fire Prevention Week

These are a few easy ways to celebrate Fire Prevention Week. This week can be as easy or complex as you see fit for your department.


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    Hold a "Fire Prevention Day" at the local school. This works best in the elementary school. Take one day and spend 20 minutes with each grade. During this time, talk about different fire prevention subjects such as stop, drop and roll, and how the fire trucks work. This is a fun way to teach the kids about fire prevention and gives the guys a chance to be a kid again.
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    Pass out smoke alarms to the general public. This is an a great PR idea.
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    Give station tours that week. Let the public come into the station and see the trucks. Let the kids try on the gear. If you are a volunteer department, this is a good way to recruit members.
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    Have a water ball challenge. While this may not be a way to tell the public how to prevent fires, it is a great way for the firefighters to celebrate their jobs and have fun.


  • Try to have a hand out available with a brief history of the department. This gives the public a greater appreciation for who you are and what you do.
  • Try to have a gift for the kids who participate in the fire prevention day or come in for a station tour. Plastic fire hats and rulers are the best ideas.
  • Make sure your station is clean and the trucks are washed. It makes the people of the community feel like you appreciate the equipment they they pay for.


  • Do not leave people alone in the station if possible.
  • Watch your language and gestures.

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