How to Celebrate Father's Day

Three Parts:Planning for Father’s DayCelebrating With Your FatherShowing Your Appreciation

Father's Day has been celebrated for over 100 years. It's also an event celebrated in many countries around the world, although at different times of the year. In North America and the United Kingdom, Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. Make this Father’s Day the best ever by giving your dad a day that shows him just how special he is to you.

Part 1
Planning for Father’s Day

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    Find out when Father’s Day is. The worst thing you could do is forget or make a bunch of plans for father’s day only to realize that you got the wrong date. The date of Father’s day depends on what country you live in. However, in the USA and the UK, Father’s day is always on the third Sunday in June so the exact date will not be the same every year.[1]
    • If you’re not sure what day Father’s day is a quick internet search using the terms “Father’s day” + the year + the country you live in should get you the answer pretty quickly.
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    Think about what makes your dad happy. How you celebrate Father’s Day will largely come down to knowing what your dad likes and what will make the day most enjoyable. That can mean planning a grand adventure, or simply taking care of all the chores around the house so dad can relax.[2]
    • Plan at least one activity to do with your dad that he will enjoy. Maybe he likes fishing, or playing catch. Or maybe your dad likes to play board games with the whole family, choose something you know he’ll love.
    • Dads do a lot, from taking care of the house, picking the kids up from school or practice, to just being there to listen to your problems. Think about a time when your dad did something for you, and see how you can pay him back. It could be as simple as mowing the lawn.
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    Get others involved. If you have siblings, you could get them involved in planning something nice for your dad. Having all of his kid’s celebrate father’s day with him will make it even more special. If you don’t have any siblings, you could also ask your mom or grandparents to help you.
    • For example, you guys could get together and write a song that you can sing to your dad on Father’s day, or you can make a card together.
    • Additionally, you could assign a part of father’s day that each sibling is responsible for. For example, you can be responsible for making him his favorite breakfast, one of your siblings can be responsible for setting up the TV with his favorite sport and preparing his favorite snacks, and another sibling could be responsible for giving him a foot rub.
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    Plan a party or an outing for your dad. If your dad isn’t the gift type, but enjoys nothing more than spending time together with family, then plan some type of activity where your dad gets to do something he loves.
    • For example, if your dad loves grilling, you could get all the things needed for a backyard barbecue and invite some of his friends over to hang out on Father’s day together.
    • If your dad likes fishing, you could plan an all-day fishing trip together just you and him (or you whole family, if you prefer).
    • Be sure to run the idea by your dad before you make any big plans though! You don’t want to plan a whole party only to find out he doesn’t want to have one.

Part 2
Celebrating With Your Father

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    Let him sleep in. If your dad enjoys sleeping in, but normally doesn’t get to because of work and kids, let him do it today. Don’t walk around making a bunch of noise that will wake him up. Let him sleep as long as he wants, and start the celebration whenever he’s ready.[3]
    • If you’re planning to bring him breakfast in bed, you can still let him sleep in for a few hours longer than usual.
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    Wish him a happy father’s day. This may seem obvious, but don’t forget to acknowledge that it is his day. When you see him in the morning give him yell, “Happy Father’s Day, Dad!” in a loud happy voice. Don’t forget to give him a hug.
    • It’s good to do this first thing in the morning, that way your dad will know you haven’t forgotten, and will see that you are excited to celebrate with him.
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    Ask him what he wants to do. You may have a lot of ideas about how to celebrate Father’s day, but it isn’t about you. On Father’s day ask him how he is feeling, and what he feels like doing for the day.[4]
    • Try to be respectful of your dad’s wishes. If you had a whole list of ideas for the day, but your dad says all he wants to do is relax on the couch, then let him do it.
    • Your dad may want to do something all on his own or with your mom on Father’s day. For example, he might want to work on his car alone in the garage or he might want a weekend get-a-way. If so, don’t make him feel bad for wanting that.
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    Make the day joyful. One of the most important aspect of Father’s Day is that you are present and attentive. Gifts are great, but showing your love, and reassuring your dad that you're proud of him and all he's done for you can be the most important factor in celebrating a fantastic Father’s Day.
    • For many dads, the most rewarding part of being a father is feeling that your children and partner love and appreciate you.
    • By simply having a good attitude, or giving dad a hug and telling him how much you love him, you can show him that he is appreciated.
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    Talk with your dad. This is a really easy one, but it should not be overlooked. In our daily lives, it can be really easy to miss out on spending quality time together. On Father’s day, make it a point to spend time just talking about things. Tell him about some things going on in school you haven’t told him, tell him about things that are going on in your life.[5]
    • Don’t make it all about you! Ask your dad about how he is doing, or ask him to tell you about his life growing up.
    • Try to avoid subjects that might cause an argument though. You don’t want Father’s day to end in a fight.
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    Make it a family event. Father's Day can be a great day for the whole family. Plan a family event, getting everyone in the family together for a fun day.
    • Keep in mind your dad’s personality, though. Is your dad the type that enjoys big family gatherings? For some people, large gatherings are very tiring, and anything but relaxing.
    • Think about including all the dads in your family, not just your own father or partner. Maybe you want to gather the uncles, brothers, grandpas, and even step-dads for part of the day, like a big dinner.
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    Make a photo slideshow. Make a slideshow with lots of photos of your dad. It can be photos from when he was young, it can include photos of the whole family, photos of just you and him, and even funny photos. Looking at photos together with your dad can be a great way to talk about fun memories together.
    • If your photos are in photo albums, you can look at the albums together.
    • This could be especially helpful if you don’t have a close relationship with your dad. Looking at photos together can help spark conversations.

Part 3
Showing Your Appreciation

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    Get or make your dad a card. A card goes a long way, and can sometimes mean more than a gift.
    • If you’re buying your dad a Father’s Day card, make sure that you don’t wait until the last minute to get one. If you wait too long, you won’t have as many options to choose from. Get him a card that fits his personality; a funny card if he likes jokes, or a sentimental one to show your dad how much he means to you.
    • You can also make him a card. By making him a card, you can make it truly yours and tailor it completely to your dad. In the card, you could list the things that you really love about your dad, or you could draw him a picture of the two of you together.
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    Think of a creative gift. Father’s day doesn’t have to be about gifts, but if you are planning to make or buy him a gift, try to get creative. Don’t just pick out a tie or a pair of socks. If you are buying him a gift, try to think of something he keeps mentioning or something you know he wants, but won’t buy for himself.
    • Handmade gifts are also great. For example, you could think about and list many different things your dad has taught you to do (e.g. swing a baseball bat, ride a bike, how to treat other people, etc.). Turn these things into a book. You can have the book made online or you can simply make it yourself. You can glue photos of you and your dad together in the book too.
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    Tell him that you appreciate him. Being a father is a tough job. If you’re having a party, you can give a toast in front of everyone that expresses your love and appreciation. If you’re not having a party, you can just tell him one-on-one.
    • Try to be thoughtful with your words. Though you could just say, “Thanks for being a good Dad,” you could also take time to think of something thoughtful to say. For example, you could think of a few things your dad has done in the past year that really meant a lot to you, and say something like, “Over the last year you’ve done a lot of things to keep me healthy and happy. I know I don’t say it often enough, but I don’t take it for granted, and I love you very much. I especially appreciated it when you took me to the mall on your day off so I could get that new game I’d wanted so badly.”
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    Do his daily chores for him. If your dad has a list of things that he does every day (e.g. taking out the trash, making the bed, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, etc.) then tell him that on Father’s day, you want to do all of those things so he can relax.[6]
    • If there is a chore that you know he particularly doesn’t like (e.g. mowing the lawn) you could tell him that you are going to take care of it for him on Father’s day.
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    Make him a meal. If you know his favorite meal, plan to cook it for him on father’s day. You could also make him his favorite dessert. For example, if he loves chocolate chip cookies, you could make some that are just for him.
    • If your dad really enjoys cooking, you could make this an activity that you do together.
    • You could also surprise him with breakfast in bed, if you think he would enjoy it.
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    Don’t put pressure on your dad. On Father’s day, you might have a million things planned for your dad. If your dad knows this, he may go along with everything just to make you happy. However, remember that it is his day, so try to remain aware of your dad’s mood. If you notice that he seems tired or not really into what you’re doing, ask him what he feels like doing.
    • Don’t get mad or frustrated because things aren’t going the way you wanted. The last thing he wants is a fight, so remember to keep things light, happy, and pressure free.
    • Remember that you don’t have to celebrate every minute of the day with your dad. Remember to give him some time to do whatever he feels like doing without you chasing him around.


  • Take photos of Father’s day. Having pictures will help you remember the day, and you can also use them as part of next year’s gift.
  • Don’t be afraid to show your dad how much you care. Although, in Western society, men don’t tend to show their emotions as much as women, your dad has feelings too. Showing him that he is important and appreciated will make him feel happy.
  • You don’t have to fill the entire day full of activities. Having one or two ways to show your dad is a good idea, but packing a day full of things may not be relaxing or enjoyable for your dad.


  • Remember that you only have so much time with your dad. Even though your dad may not be perfect, he has probably still played an important role in your life. Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy the time you have with him.

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